I Have To Tell You Something | Huge Announcement!!

I Have To Tell You Something | Huge Announcement!!

Finally the big secret is revealed…

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mKay bYe!

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20 Responses

  1. Elijah J (FrEshE) says:


  2. Threse Dudgeon says:

    For the people freaking out he is just going to vlog on this channel now

  3. Joselyn Rea says:

    omg u scared the crap out of me ye amazing

  4. Anay Torres says:

    I had just a little heart attack when he said im not vlogging no more

  5. Chad Sproule says:

    For all you lazy people coming down here first skip to 16:05

    Your welcome

  6. Kennedy Wescott says:

    I thought it was about him and Lauren

  7. harley quinn is queen says:

    i still love and support him

  8. Basically Joseph says:

    1 like = $1,000,000,000
    1 sub = infinite luck and rich
    1 comment = get ur crush

  9. Avery Brenden says:

    I thought they were getting married?

  10. I AM GILLIAN says:

    Do they have a baby

  11. Rachel Goodman says:

    I thought he was gonna say he was having a baby or marring Lauren?

  12. christian reyes says:

    when he did the intro to the music i literally thought he was either gonna
    stop posting on this channel forever or come out of the closet…. Can’t
    wait for the future videos on this channel

  13. Lazerberry 556 says:

    Why is it such a big deal that he just moved channels? Like I literally
    don’t care.

  14. Tia Parker says:

    Who else is in the comments while the video is on so he does not surprise

  15. Karma Washington says:

    if u do this again I’m gonna unsub

  16. Leauren Cimorelli says:

    Noooooo plz don’t go Alex I am crying please stay
    ??????????????????????I love you please stayyyyyy

  17. Azuky says:

    Holly Crap her sister sings the ABC better than me

  18. smriti agarwal says:

    yeayyyyyy! I was so sad ven he said that he won’t vlog anymore and then he
    was like it will be on my main channel ! I WAS SCREAMINNNGGG

  19. Lordy Ell says:

    I miiss #ROLANDA ?

  20. Potooaisha Us says:

    Only doing vlogs is so fucking lazy lmao,why is this shit “famous”