I Have Tourettes | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

I Have Tourettes | The Secret Life of Lele Pons

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They say it takes a village and lucky for Lele, she has a strong support team who helps her through each day allowing her to flourish in her career yet always put working on herself first. With the recent onset of motor and vocal tics, Lele acknowledges that what she experienced as a 11 year old is now back and she is challenged both personally and professionally living with Tourette Syndrome.

If you or someone you know needs help, find resources in your area from the Tourette Association of America: https://tourette.org/resources/overview/

International resources are also available: https://tourette.org/about-us/partner-network/international/

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Directed by: Alicia Zubikowski

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65 Responses

  1. wigconic says:

    The fact that people disliked this before even watching it, shows that haters are pressed

  2. Henry Berkner says:

    Who else didn’t know Lele had this much going on in her life

  3. Izzy T says:

    No one:

    Not a soul:

    People: *here 3 days before the priemeire*

  4. Elliegames11 xo says:

    It’s amazing how she copes with all of this whilst being a YouTuber and a singer😳😳

  5. Xx My life and me xX says:

    This is good that Lele is telling us about this
    She is brave for coming out about her OCD 🥺
    I’m also disgusted that people think OCD is wanting everything perfect this is a example that this is nothing to joke about…❤️❤️✨🥺

  6. Hâłêÿ Hâwkįñš says:

    I never new she had this much going on in her life 🥺

  7. Lele Pons says:

    I have been hiding my tics for years, but I’ve finally accepted that it’s apart of who I am. Thank you for watching!! I’ll see you next Tuesday for a new episode! Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

    • loopylupin1130 says:

      Huh. I always thought her humor was over the top and meant for children but a lot of it is masking her tics. I wish she didn’t feel like she had to mask it. It’s really brave of her to admit it though considering how hard she tries to mask it and it’s clear she’s uncomfortable with it.

      Also shout out that that hella perceptive therapist!

    • firstclasspassenger says:

      This is coming from a place of love: apart is gonna be 2 words here, “…that it’s a part of who I am.”

    • LOWNDES Gaming9 says:

      Me too bro

    • Maddie Reichley says:

      Your tics don’t define you – You’re incredibly strong for revealing this to the world.

    • Mei -Kun Gamer says:

      ITS ok

  8. Angeles 11 says:

    Imagine being this brave to show your life to the world

  9. Lisa Spitse says:

    I’ll admit, Lele’s humor was never really my thing, but I have to say, after watching this I do feel really bad for her, and all I want is for her life to get better, she’s so brave to put this online.

  10. Lil Turtleshell says:

    The upmost respect I have gained for lele is sooo much.

  11. Drink me says:

    *Not every celebrity has a perfect life.*

    *Please don’t assume that.*

  12. Valentina says:

    her mom is so pure.
    “We are happy”
    “no mom youre happy.”
    “Noo we ARE happy”

  13. It's me Fatima says:

    I never thought that Lele had alot of problems! But I’m happy she is sharing her life problems with 1,000 of people on internet Also wanna say That im happy that she is sharing all of this And the people that love her❤️Love you Lele!

  14. Judit Roboz says:

    “There’s a lot of things she doesn’t do, not because she’s lazy, her mind tells her not to do those things”

    Me: I KNEW I wasn’t lazy

  15. Albert TV says:

    I can’t be the only that is impressed of how Lele covered her tics like it was her personality, I honestly really believed that it was her personality

  16. Samantha Talu says:

    it’s sad that she feels like she has to hide it, I hope she gets all the support she needs and deserves.

  17. Jessica 13 says:

    the people who dislike is sick. she’s showing her secret life that she didn’t want to show us now she’s showing it. y’all disliking. luv u lele❤️

  18. Kennedy Nuar says:

    I never knew how much she had going on, but you could never tell because she is so strong. Lele you are so strong, beautiful, and amazing. Keep going and keep being the best person you are!! Your fans love you.

  19. Aaliyah Roman says:

    When she said she was embarrassed I felt that. But I’m glad she shared it with us so we can see that even celebrity’s has problems too.

  20. Camila Tamay says:

    I feel like this really is a big step In her life even tho I might not be a fan I’m proud

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