I joined a Fashion Show as SPONGEBOB & PATRICK!

I joined a Fashion Show as SPONGEBOB & PATRICK!

► I joined a Fashion Show as SPONGEBOB & PATRICK!
Today I joined a Fashion Show with Custom Fortnite Skins. I joined using Skins from different games! (Fortnite Spongebob & Patrick Skins)

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29 Responses

  1. Trimix says:

    Drop a like for another Part!
    Subscribe for more!

  2. NotLuc says:


  3. Ghoulz says:

    If I saw this in my fashion show my jaw would drop 😂

  4. fortnite_bulls Plays says:

    this man should be hired at epic games honestly

  5. Sunny_vibes says:

    the people running the fashion show are like what the heck

  6. Tricky says:

    Am i the only one that expected the arms and legs to move and it not to be a model atached to an invisible characters body

  7. Da'vonte Harris says:

    Next thing you know Freddy Fazbear will actually be able to crank 90s and win fashion shows

  8. Edon Smith says:

    when sneef says he like the banna suit: oh i love the banna suit
    tiko: what did i just hear!

  9. Tuxa says:

    Honestly the iron man dodging the bullets is impressive

  10. FAKE Dummys says:

    I would love a character with normal body with the whole skin loking like a imposter from among us and hes holding a knife with a apple on it (I know it’s much)

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