I just bought the most ridiculous car

I just bought the most ridiculous car

I’M OBSESSED WITH MY ELECTRIC COMUTA CAR. All I want is to work on her. I didn’t know I liked cars. Nobody has told me that I like cars. But I think I might be a budding gear head.

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53 Responses

  1. Ceazar Carr says:

    I actually worked on two of these at an internship at a car restoration garage. They were two pieces of utter shit, pardon my Swedish.

  2. Kayoz Dadyburjor says:

    I just wish that when I grow up, I’ll be like you
    My weirdness matches yours, even I’m interested in science and making things and guess what, i want to go to space too!

  3. Louise Widlund says:

    Omg du dΓΆpte en bil efter mig.
    ( jag heter Louise)

  4. Vivek V says:

    Simone Giertz I love ya so damn much

  5. The Pro Magician 3000 says:

    West Coast Customs

  6. Buckin Fitch says:

    A yellow box with wheels 😁😁

  7. Freya JΓΈrgensen says:

    Looks like a piece of LEGO….

  8. TEKRific says:

    “Swedes have emotions too, Scott!” Can confirm, we do. Once every other month or so. Approx.

  9. Jacky Lawrence says:

    *I can fathom no more appropriate car for you than this. That is the Simone-mobile if ever there was one.*

  10. Physics Girl says:

    Looks like you’re a pro at driving with a passenger, but are you a provolone? (ok i’m done, this isn’t fun anymore)

  11. Ogram Brat says:


  12. Lesley246 says:

    Holy fuck. You belong in that car.

  13. Jay Kay says:

    Am I the only one who loves it?

  14. Sync& Steam says:

    Make a vid of you fixing and improving your cheese wedge of a car.

  15. Marie says:

    I want that car

  16. addison1977 says:

    “Swedes have feelings too” – yes, but the range is limited from polite frustration to polite interest – except for Simone and the chef from The Muppets

  17. Rab John C Blay says:

    you’re so cute

  18. Nick D. Johanson says:

    This is amazing and I love it! It’s so you.

  19. Brock Langeheine says:

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It reminds me of my favorite car the BMW Isetta. I just love wierd cars so much. Oh and we need a better interior tour.

  20. OneEyedJack01 says:

    This is what a fully grown mouse droid looks like.

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