‘I just want to win, I don’t care about being the best player’ – Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Playoffs

‘I just want to win, I don’t care about being the best player’ – Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry address the media in a press conference after a thrilling Game 6 Toronto Raptors win vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. Lowry reflects on finally reaching the NBA Finals without having to go through the roadblock that was LeBron James in the East, and Leonard reflects on his transition from the Spurs to the Raptors and how he doesn’t care about being the best player in the world as long as he has a quality team.

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83 Responses

  1. Geek ON 2 Wheels says:

    Your dad would be proud of you, Kawhi – keep going ????????

  2. Chia Treme says:

    Not a Toronto fan, but I am so glad for these guys. They will have their hands full with the GSW. Good luck and congrats.

  3. WeGood Films says:

    They Deserve it Epic Win Kwai With That Nasty Dunk Shesssh King I Like That Now Go Get That Ring ??✊???

  4. Hammad Mahmood says:

    Kawhis been playing his heart out this playoffs. I hope they win in the finals. This is coming from a Bucks fan

    • MOSELY25 says:

      I think the whole damn NBA fan base besides Warrior fans want them to win. Tired of this damn Warriors. But hey they’re great.

    • stereodrive116 says:

      respect to u

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Me too. KD a pussy lol. Lazy nigga went to the best team an went to the Finals while he was in the hospital. Kawhi the real best player in the world.

  5. Innis Mor says:

    Lowry (on Kawhi): “Big Dog gotta eat.”

    • chozen9 says:

      And when the lil dog comes back around and eat from the big dogs bowl! Some like kibbles and bits!

  6. Jm Doronila says:

    The warriors only face kawhi once in the playoffs and they almost lose that game
    this will be a intense match up

  7. VIRGO76 says:

    I ♥️ his humble spirit! I hope they get the O’ Brian TROPHY!

  8. J D says:

    I really don’t know why people always want professional players to think about “who is the best player”
    I agree with Kawhi, “Who cares, I just want to win”
    Stay focus, be humble, keep working hard

    • Flexb123 says:

      That’s a true champ man. Deep down they wanna be the best but its them vs themselves. Don’t care about anyone else except their teammates. Don’t think hey am I better than this guy or that guy, Kwai just thinks about being his best and competing vs himself basically.

    • JImmy Sanders says:

      J D individual accolades are more impressive than whatever you do as a team. Every player should want to be the best because it means a bigger pay check.

    • Raps 4 Life says:

      JImmy Sanders that is exactly why Boston didn’t go far. If your playing sports, you shouldn’t care about how you individually do. Winning comes first. If you get an award, well good for you that’s the cherry on top.

    • JImmy Sanders says:

      +Raps 4 Life Why should you care about how your team does? This is your career, and you only have so long in the league. Make as much money as you can so that you won’t have to worry about it later. Just cause your team wins doesn’t mean that it is most beneficial for you.

  9. Kip Painter says:

    The way he Grabbed the trophy and said come on Kahwai?

  10. TreZzz99 says:

    Lowry just say we didn’t have No Damn Kawhi Leonard he’s levels above DeRozan

  11. Jzeke 420 says:

    This man is a true leader. A trult beautiful thing to watch. Would way rather have him than kyrie on my celtics, but i think Toronto has won him over now. Nothing but respect for this man Kawhi

    • Tangina Moh says:

      And the Celtics had a chance to grab him buy they didn’t.

    • Mordecai's Mopstick says:

      Jzeke 420 kawhi and kyrie are the perfect examples of the two ways a one year rental of a superstar can work out for a team (kyrie didn’t play in last years playoffs). Kyrie is a terrible leader with a bad attitude who never fit with the team and will leave this offseason. Kawhi created chances for his teammates who he led for the entire playoffs and is super humble. As a Celtics fan I’m sad that we got the wrong guy but best of luck to the raptors they deserve to be where they’re at

    • Kristmaz808 says:

      Mordecai’s Mopstick kawhi carried them bums… kyrie said pay me first one is smarter guess which one ?

    • Mordecai's Mopstick says:

      Kristmaz808 kyrie said he was resigning with the c’s midway thru the season, then went back on that and said “I don’t owe anyone shit”. He’s a selfish star, nowhere near a superstar. Kawhi is the polar opposite

  12. Jerry Harris says:

    The most quiet humble killer with a old school game??

    • Joel Johnson says:

      He plays like a Spurs player..

    • Mordecai's Mopstick says:

      Joel Johnson are u serious? If he played like a spurs player he’d pass around until someone got an open layup or three. Kawhi creates his own shots and gets exactly to where he wants to go. I think there’s only 3 players in the league who can do that, oh and he’s top three iso defenders in the league. Appreciate greatness

  13. Matt Mc says:

    Man, I’m a sixers fan so Kawhi’s greatness is kinda painful for me lol, but it’s hard not to like him. Humble, great player.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Me too I’m a Sixers fan also an I’m proud to to lose to a great guy an superstar player on a last minute shot…

    • Christophe says:

      +LEEMURJ You are old school. So am I. Old school is the best school. Like Oxford and Cambridge. Everything you said is true. On talent, you guys should have beat us. But other than Jimmy, who always scorched us even from his Bulls days, and Redick, there was too much immaturity and not enough experience in the core group. Tobias Harris no-showed. Kind of like Danny Green against the Bucks. I feel like Embiid wants to be great and has the drive to do it if he can stay healthy, but Ben Simmons does not give that impression, though i could be wrong. He could be like Magic, but it appears he wants to be Ben Simmons. Good luck, next year!

    • LeBaje James says:

      It’s actually impossible nott to like him

    • Innis Mor says:

      Raptors are total class org …… well, except maybe for Drake (yeesh).

    • Innis Mor says:

      +Christophe 76ers series was a little tougher for the Raptors, as it turned out. Nurse is right — a sh&t load of talent on 76ers.

  14. S K says:

    Jeremy Lin is going to the finals! Linsanity did it again!

  15. Ludlow Buckley says:

    “I don’t really care about being the best player, I care about being the best team” – Kawhi Leonard ✊??? #respect

    • Laquan Mcintyre says:

      +mistah Jackson always a hater like you in the area.

    • Monte Gavin III says:

      +legato “too bad most blacks cant be like him but rather be more like Ezekiel”

      WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? First of all, what does Esekiel have to do with ANYTHING here!?
      I don’t remember him leaving his team, or demanding a trade, etc.

      … Maybe your dumbass mean Le’Veon?
      … Regardless, it’s a shitty comparison… And I fail to see how any of this represents “most blacks”
      You ignorant fool, who’s likely only a bigot:
      based on your own insecurities- from seeing other races surpass you in ANY talent, skill, hard work or ANY other traits one would want.

    • B Dawg says:

      He’s a fake bitch

    • aaron berhane says:

      B Dawg ??‍♂️

    • Innis Mor says:

      +mistah Jackson #BumhurtAlert!!

  16. Ismail M says:

    Ah…am a fun guy.

    I can’t give you the whole shpill…

    I dont even know where ur sitting at

    AhHAa Ha haaAa aHAaA

  17. Reginald Dennis says:

    Yo, I’m strictly a Nike guy, but them Kawhi blue New Balance he had on last night had me doing a double and a triple take. I was kinda feeling them! ?????

  18. Bang Bang says:

    We need more superstars like Kawhi… Humble, Grounded, Hardworking, and Team oriented…. Salute

  19. The Mastermind says:

    Demar derozan broke his flat screen TV watching this ??????‍♂️?

  20. Aaron Mariscal says:

    PIERCE – “Raptors in six”
    RAPTORS – Lose first two
    PIERCE – “Nvm Bucks got this”
    RAPTORS – Win four straight
    PIERCE – “I’m better than Wade”

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