I Know Which Team Is Going To Win The 2023 NBA Championship

I Know Which Team Is Going To Win The 2023 NBA Championship

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37 Responses

  1. Jordan's Butler says:

    congratulations to the dallas mavericks for winning the 2023 nba championship!

  2. Madi Karl Ov says:

    JxmyHighroller, please keep this an annual tradition. I can’t believe that the year has passed. The montage before you start saying “I was 2 games away from guessing it right” was just pure entertainment. So if you’re reading this, please consider keeping making these predictions every year!

    • Shin Kudo Music Playlist 🎶 says:

      He said he will, and will never stop 😅 you see he added a new criteria from his mistake last year, and he consider now the playoff experience… So he will keep doing the prediction until he gets it… Though I don’t want him to be a God because he might not upload anymore 😂

    • Ramiano 1791 says:

      It should be a series and he can expand it in the future

    • Orbit puke Lissop says:

      Hell yeah

  3. Plus Twelve says:

    As a data scientist I really appreciate the work you are putting into creating content, while also making sure that content is somewhat accurate and genuine. Jxmy really is one of a kind! 🤧🤧🤧

  4. Ryder Boles says:

    Jimmy needs to go in first take or something. This man’s amazing with his data collection and the way he presents it all. Always love when he comes out with a new vid.

    • Joel King says:

      @Khalil Rahme first take just had Kenny Beecham on and he maintained his integrity the whole time, along with his appearance on Stephen A’s podcast, no reason why Jimmy couldnt be himself

    • Khalil Rahme says:

      If he goes on first take, he’d have to start t saying the shit that first take wants him to say. We’d lose an honest voice, one that knows what he’s talking about

  5. Nathan Frickle says:

    Jimmy, us mavs fans are hurting right now. It would be awesome if you did a video on the Mavs 2011 run. According to this video, it seems like it’s one of the most unique runs, I’m sure it’d make for a good video

    • Supermoto गुरु says:

      Dirk was more talented than Garnett and equal to Tim Duncan but those sorry ass teams and management let him down every single time.
      Its crazy to me that he has only one ring and that too with just average vets and Lebron shit the bed. So much had to go right for barely one.

    • Alan Samineedi says:

      Agreed we desperately need something to look forward to

    • Andrew Calderon says:

      Yes jimmy do this now !!

    • Smart Towel RG-400 says:

      ​@Bella Prasatikhe said he’s going double his request and give it to the next YouTuber …so u might get 2 videos 4 8 ..16 who knows

    • Nathan Frickle says:

      @Supermoto गुरु  no we pretty much ruined Dirk’s career too. He took a paycutt so we could sign Chandler Parsons on a max. If we had put a big like Tyson Chandler with him for most of his career he would probably have 3 championships.

  6. Sean Matlock says:

    Best storytelling moment in this video was the transition to the Warriors coming in and stopping the Celtics run. Great editing and emotion. I want to see JxmyHighroller to keep developing in that direction!

  7. Nicola says:

    This makes Dallas’s run in 2011 even more impressive.

    • Ben Dovahkin says:

      ​​@Somregularguy Kobe has 5 rings and got his 3 peat. Bron has 4 with 1 back to back.

      Edit : Kobe has a 3 peat and a back to back.

    • 1L.A.W. SPIRIT says:

      Half the team retired after that so you know they got beat by some ol heads 😂

    • Jimmy Fresh says:

      @stardestroyer44 No disrespect bud, but that just might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard tonight lol. I guess it’s kind of hard to win a 3 peat if you lose the first of 3 lol😂😂😂😂😂 “I just can’t do it! -Idk what the FuXX is going on? 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂Lmao Man that guy couldn’t win a 3 peat could he? Hahahaha lmao

    • Jimmy Fresh says:

      No u have that one backwards. Brons 2011 ultimate collapse up 2-1 on those Mavericks was what created that hiccup in the timeline. They had no business winning that title even with Dirk, Marion, Jet & company. They played well, but we’re still being throttled until James went ghost and with that so did history’s agenda.

    • david martinez says:

      @Somregularguy Nothing is worse than 2011 LeBron

  8. Marvin Huang says:

    Please keep this series going Jimmy! Im so curious to see what the stats would be like 10 years down the line with trying to predict the champion using purely numbers!

  9. TheJK says:

    WHAT an honor to be mentioned by name on this channel!
    But Jxmy, the Boston Celtics as Champion? You can do better than that! JUST kidding. Okay I admit, I’ve improved the ml model once again and am going with the Bucks this year. The Cavs are flying a little under a lot of people’s radar and are the dark horse for this year’s playoffs. But I mention all that in my current Medium post.

    • Still Waters 2020 says:

      I’m a Cavs fan and I think they still have another year or two to be true contenders to win it all.

      This year I’m going with Boston or Milwaukee.

    • GourSmith says:

      Nobody is worried about the Cavs. And if Giannis is genuinely out, the Celtics are quite literally the only team with a chance.

    • ches del Rosario says:

      @TheJK The way you commented “You can do better than that!” And then doubling down with this comment seems like your contradicting yourself. Anyway, you do you mate. Celtics vs Bucks would be fun

    • TheJK says:

      @Leos Lit At the start of the playoffs I made two bets once on the Bucks, my first pick and on the Celtics. Since both teams are on par, I would go with the team that is injury free. Giannis is currently (slightly?) injured and even if he comes back he would have to be at 100% to beat the Celtics. In summary: I am currently in line with Jxmy predictions.

    • TheJK says:

      @ches del Rosario, @Hamad: I’m not saying the Celtics don’t have any changes. In fact, they are only very, very close behind the Bucks in the prediction. To avoid confusion of this nature, I recommend my new blog post on Medium.

  10. RPH says:

    Can you do a video dedicated to the 2011 Mavs championship run? It was certainly a special championship like no other.

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