I Let My Squad Pick My Boyfriend | Bestie Picks Bae

I Let My Squad Pick My Boyfriend | Bestie Picks Bae

You know your best friends always have your back, so why not let them pick your date, too? In episode two of Bestie Picks Bae, we set Alexis up on a blind date with 9 single guys. She asked her best friends (and her sister!) to interview her potential dates and choose the best match for her. Did they choose the best boyfriend, or is this relationship destined to fail? Watch and see.

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86 Responses

  1. We Wear Cute Plays says:

    This was great!!! We loved it!!!

  2. A Day With Christelle says:

    I personally lived Chris. He seemed like the trendy, outgoing type of dude. Sweet, kind, respects others. That’s who I would want to end up with. No shade to the other just saying

  3. clairesweezy says:

    How do I get on this show with my friends??

  4. Seventeen says:

    Who would you trust more to pick your bae? Your best friends or your sister?

  5. Aliyah Ruiz says:

    Omg Billy looks like David Lambert (brandon) from the fosters

  6. girly pop vlogs says:

    lmao why is there a 15 year old there ? ??

  7. Hii I'm Kyrah says:

    The group of guys are cuter than the guys in the last video BUTTTT like why are all of them basically 15/16 when she’s 18 ?? as an 18yr old girl I don’t wanna date anyone younger than me

    • My name Is limelight says:

      Ayah Mezher wat?

    • Ayah Mezher says:

      My name Is limelight yea they’ve never dated anyone younger than them Kim is married with someone bigger than her Khloe and kourtney and Kylie and Kendall as well and rob

    • My name Is limelight says:

      Ayah Mezher lol khloe is almost 7 years older than tristan the oldest sister already dated two boys one used to be 21 the other 25 and Kim is an exception and I was only talking about the kardashians not the jenners 🙂

    • ShiningWizard31 says:

      +My name Is limelight They’re all over 18, making their relationships 100% legal. However, an 18 y/o dating a 15 y/o is not.

  8. Katie Fraser says:

    wait that kid stayed in with mcdonalds as a first date? ok…

  9. Alyssa McCoy says:

    But honestly Scott was so cute
    Edit: Never got this many likes before 😀

  10. rosiie h says:

    why is your favourite candy a valid factor is your relationship with someone ?

  11. Zemi says:

    Okay but if they don’t work out can i date billy? plz and thank u

  12. Amy Hayes says:

    why they putting 15 year olds with 18 year olds what

  13. #A.R.T says:

    You shouldn’t just choose someone just because they like the same exact things you do like you can explore new things. Just because she didn’t like sour candy doesn’t mean they would not be good for each other.

  14. arrobaanap says:

    Like Scottt was hot, like hot hot. Actually Billy is hot to

  15. Ava Bunnycorn says:

    Was I the only one a little weirded out that the one guy was…….15

  16. brittisnotokay says:

    my type is actually scott and billy…. mwah??

  17. Madi B says:

    she’s *qUiRkY* and *DiFfErEnT* from the *oThEr GiRlS*

  18. Zara Lees says:

    the 15 year old is making me so uncomfortable he’s so young lmao

  19. istrone says:

    the fact that the 15 year old almost ended up with her makes me cringeeee

  20. cool kid says:

    Why am I watching this?

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