I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

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32 Responses

  1. PokeRev says:

    I remember buying a fake $10,000 box and being upset…but $3,500,000 I can’t imagine.

  2. Sports Card Investor says:

    Damn, this REALLY sucks, for the Pokemon community and the sports card community. We all depend on authenticators to ensure what we’re investing in is real.

    • Dennis Cardoso says:

      Come on please, how many people in the whole community has a lot of money to spend in first edition cards? This isnt even a scratch to the community, because most of people in the same community don’t have money to trash on those type of things. Sincerely, people that support this type of luxury deserves that. People like Logan support scammers to buy all boosters from the stores and make the product unavailable because of money. Sorry, but that the true story, Pokémon is not a community game anymore, it is just a luxury for riches like this one and scammers all over internet.

    • Christian Gherase says:

      @Nick Johns yep

    • Honda Ryda says:

      yup no longer can we trust BBC. Their business might go down the drain after being involved in the largest scam of pokemon history

    • The Goat says:

      BBCE reputation just went down the drain lol.

    • Ryan4321 says:

      Logan is trolling you guys

  3. Nick Johns says:

    To me, this is 100% on BBCE and now makes all of their certified sealed cases questionable. I know mistakes can always happen but the label is obviously incorrect. That alone should warrant it not being authenticated

    • Tachibana says:

      Honestly I fully expect it, they don’t even authenticate pokemon booster cases, they really should stick to sports. Sadly, they’re also the ones grading booster packs for PSA which is kinda yikes lol

  4. SeanDoesMagic says:

    Basically spent 3.5M on this video-

    Hope everything gets resolved soon bro 😭

  5. Patterrz says:

    I was scammed £350 on cards and that felt awful, I can’t imagine what 10000x that feels like

  6. LTWalsh says:

    This has an unbelievable “catching the Pokémon fraudster” series written all over it and I’m excited!

  7. Good Blood says:

    Scandal aside, the editing and storytelling in this is great. Had me hooked.

  8. FancyOrb says:

    if you look on the bright side, at least you made history for being scammed the biggest amount

  9. TyranitarTube says:

    This ass box was right under everyone’s nose the whole time LOL, them g i joe cards were inside cracking up for years

    Bruhh that’s too sad though i’m sorry that happened bro, this man was just trying to collect something he enjoyed. Nobody deserves this. The rabbit hole of finding out where this box came from though.. someone needs to do it

  10. SpawnPoiint says:

    Ah man, I hope you’re able to recoup your losses and catch the fraudster. I wonder how far back it goes… New series “Fraudsters: Gotta catch em all”

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