i love fanart!

i love fanart!

thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Download Dragon City for free, become a Dragon Master and claim the exclusive rewards: https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/2danny to receive your free starter pack of 15,000 Food + 30,000 Gold + the Flame Knight Dragon
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34 Responses

  1. 2 Danny 2 Furious says:

    thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Download Dragon City for free, become a Dragon Master and claim the exclusive rewards: https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/2danny to receive your free starter pack of 15,000 Food + 30,000 Gold + the Flame Knight Dragon

  2. Surfer FN says:

    Danny is the perfect guy to watch while you eat

  3. firstname lastname says:

    If that “bad realism” artist is watching and (hopefully) reading this comment, I’ve got some good words for you!!

    While the proportions may be skewed, that’s actually very common with people who are learning realism! Your shading is actually really good and you had all the parts done well, but putting them together seemed to be the tricky part.
    As someone else in another comment said, “Next time, the artist should map out the proportions correctly, step back to view the bigger picture (instead of the small details), and compare it to Danny’s actual face.”

    It seems like you went all in on the details instead of mapping/guiding first (though that’s just my guess). It can be difficult to draw guidelines for realism unless you practice a lot, but they DO help immensely. The eyes seem to be a bit too close and large, which is the most noticeable flaw. And the shoulders are quite round lol.

    Overall, your realism has SO MUCH potential and if you were to really hone your skills, you’d be able to make quality portraits with ease! Keep up the good work, don’t give up!

    • S x r a p h i n a says:

      666 likes eheheeheeeehhe

    • AddieIsAlive says:

      i’ve never seen a comment that quotes another comment

    • Opus Whittaker says:

      I appreciated this post, i feel like it’s easy to poke fun at people who haven’t mastered all the basic aspects at some task, and don’t really recognise the skill and practise they have developed, and all the work that goes into building those skills! nice job on the art op!

    • lauren says:

      @Clara Bartlett I’m not an expert but I think you should so keep drawing if you have interest in it! 10/10 recommend trying drawing with a grid if you’re interested; it’s tedious and i literally hate doing it (lol😭) but it’s super effective for getting proportions and stuff! I’m not an expert at drawing at all but I’m in a drawing class rn and was able to get a decently proportioned portrait done for my last project. imo the shading and values and stuff are the hard parts and you’re already good at that!:)

    • Harley 💙💚 says:

      @Clara Bartlett hey! Happy to see ya here lol
      And all good! You truly do have a lot of potential !
      I do art myself, and it’s soooooo hardddddd, ESPECIALLY realism
      I don’t do it much either lol
      Definitely keep doing what you’re doing tho, you can only improve, and sounds like that was a relatively old piece anyway, so you’ve probably already improved a lot since then

  4. Walnarut says:

    that fanart’s actually not bad. the shading is nice and if the proportions were fixed it would be a wonderful piece. heck even with the weird proportions it still has a funky little charm to it, and it’s a good kind of funky, y’know?

    • hermesrunning says:

      i was thinking this too, i hope the artist leans into the cool wonky-ness their art has, it would be cool to see some “polished” art in

  5. Hannah Davis says:

    I’m glad the dude that tried to create the emo anthem got really supported by us Gregs. Just cause someone makes a song that may not resonate with everyone doesn’t mean they deserve the worst. They seem like a genuinely cool person and I’d honestly love to see more from em, a big emo fan myself. They got talent, regardless of whether the song was a bop or not, and that’s still impressive in and of itself. Glad we got to show em some kindness because no one deserves to be that berated over a simple song. /gen /srs /pos

  6. Lily Clough says:

    Everyone knows that the bloodshot eyes are a common occurrence in sleep paralysis demons. Danny’s just starting his transition, he should be proud.

  7. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “I think my ultimate goal is to have people who don’t know who I am start dreaming about me”

    We’re gonna have to plant Danny’s image into the human population’s subconscious thoughts somehow

  8. Fathiya A says:

    to be honest, that fanart was actually fairly good! sure, the proportions are a little messed up, but you can clearly see they drew danny’s key features really nicely! if someone showed it to me with no context i would still be able to tell it’s danny and that in itself is pretty hard to accomplish 🙂

    • Clara Bartlett says:

      heyyy thank you! i drew that “realism” drawing when i was like 12 or 13 so this is really kind 🙂

  9. Sarah Armand says:

    Not to get all gooey and emotional on the second channel here, but today in particular I had a very discouraging experience viewing the interactions of some literal strangers online. It gets really overwhelming sometimes to see so many hate-filled comments out there; and then I travel over here into the magical world of Greg’s who comment kindly and spread at least a little positivity on social media platforms, and it’s really heartwarming to belong to an army of Not-Totally-Shitty people.

  10. tiny whiney grimey lad says:

    I genuinely think that fanart is pretty good. It looks really wacky but in a way it’s a little charming. Just rework the proportions and bam it would look like one of those rough animation styles.

    • Clara Bartlett says:

      lmao if youre talking about the terrifying realism drawing, that was me when i was like 13 :,) youre very sweet i appreciate this

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