I love you, Corey La Barrie.

I love you, Corey La Barrie.

Corey will live forever through those who cherish him.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me man.

The video is un-monetized & got copyrighted by a music group called “UMG”, and I don’t know how to turn off the ads. Please if anyone knows how to disable them for this video please let me know. I don’t want anyones ads playing before this video. thank you.

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65 Responses

  1. Nat S says:

    Is it bad that the whole time I was watching this I was hoping this was a sick twisted joke?

  2. Mary Ellen Johnson says:

    I feel bad for crying bc I didn’t personally know him. But just watching for years it kinda feels like you do. He’s a beautiful human and deserves the best Memorial. It’s just so weird to me there won’t be more videos or post. My heart is very heavy to all of his friends and family. I know how loved he is, and I’m sure he does to. Rest easy 💙

    • anna seniff says:

      Mary Ellen Johnson your feelings are valid. dont feel bad for crying. ❤️

    • Yass Tee Tee says:

      Don’t feel bad for crying babygirl. When you’ve watched somebody for years it feels like you know them personally, it feels like they were family. So cry out all of those sad tears, IT IS OK.

    • Elena Toleska says:

      I cried so hard too. Don’t feel bad hun❤😭

    • Trenna Knepper says:

      baby i’ve been bawling thru my days ever since i found out, do not feel like your feelings are invalid! sending you so much love, just know that all of us are feelings the same & you aren’t alone in this ❤️

  3. Kaitlyn Fanton says:

    Corey is loved by so many people. This is going to take time for everyone. He seemed like someone who would light up the room when they walked in. We are all missing him so much right now. But you have to look at all the good memories about him. Think of the good things that he brought to your life. He is now looking down from Heaven on you and everyone that he knew. May his soul rest in Heaven🕊 we love you Corey

  4. Kimberley Glen says:

    Why am I seeing dislikes, Jc has opened himself up for us all to help us grieve and feel more at peace with what’s happened to one of our favourite influencers and his best friend! I thought it was beautiful 💙

  5. Sydney Rae says:

    Another sign, Jesse McCartney was on masked singer tonight and is trending on twitter 💙

  6. lily - jane says:

    I remember seeing you, kian and corey on tour a few years back. he was such a nice person and gave off an amazing energy. it was so shocking to see the news, you guys were a huge part of my early teenage years. i’m sorry and my prayers go out to you and everyone else ❤️

  7. Makaila Amiah says:

    “live life full of ‘oh wells’, not ‘what ifs’” – corey la barrie ❤️

  8. mich elle says:

    I have never cried over an Internet personality’s passing, but this really hit hard. Thank you JC for this video it makes me feel a little bit better to hear someone close to him talk about it. You will be missed Corey❤️

  9. eric ortiz says:

    “i’ll never do anything for your vlogs ever again” that makes me so sad bc corey will never be in another vlog or moment 🥺

  10. Taya nye says:

    I’m bawling my eyes out. I never even met Corey and he doesn’t even know I exist. Just by watching his videos it feel like he was apart of my life. my heart broke and he’s been on my mind over the past few days. I can’t imagine the pain hi friends, and family are feeling. Rest in paradise Corey 🙏👼💔❤

  11. getinmybelly12 says:

    This entire situation just breaks my heart into a million pieces. I could not stop the tears during that beautiful soul clip. You’re incredible for even putting this video out, JC. I’m sure everything is extremely confusing for you all right now. Please take all the time you need to take care of yourself and grieve Corey’s loss. We love you <3

  12. Nicollette McQueen says:

    This is a death that hit so differently, because no one expected it. It honestly breaks my whole heart for mostly his family, JC,
    Kian, Crawford, Franny and so many others. BUT I continue to pray for Daniel just as much. I know his choice to get in that car, while drunk was a bad one and he does deserve what he gets but I still pray for his soul and mind. Whether how he reacted after the accident, he still has to live with the memory of his best friend dying for the rest of his life. Like I said… my heart is broken. For everyone. It still seems unreal to me. I was just a subscriber to Corey and I feel like I’ve lost one of my own. Praying for peace. Such a sad moment rn in the Youtube world. 🙁

    • Shadys says:

      Daniel Seavey was the drunk driver? I thought he was the one who pulled Corey out and Christian was the one that tackled the driver.

    • mina hey says:

      @Shadys No, Daniel Silva was the driver & tried to flee the scene after the crash

    • Sasha Star says:

      Amanda Stec not excusing what he did, but they were both under the influence, not thinking straight and made poor choices. I just pray for Corey and Daniels families. And I pray that Corey is at peace in heaven❤️

    • Amanda Stec says:

      @Shadys He was the drunk driver. He tried to flee the scene but their friends stopped him and his injuries also were preventing him from getting far.

    • Allison Blankenship says:

      Amanda Stec no Daniel Silva was the driver and tried to flee the scene. Daniel Seavey was one of the ones who helped pull him from the car.

  13. Talesha Conboy says:

    all i can hear in my head is corey saying “half circle, half circle, half circle!!!!” I will miss his sense of humour so much

  14. Ema Atwell says:

    I have never in my life cried this much over the passing of someone i didnt know personally. corey and his friends and family are the first thing i think of when i wake up and the last when i go to bed. I cant help bawling my eyes out every few minutes/hours. I havent cried this much in actual years. I geniuenly feel like i am mourning a friend and its been confusing me a lot because i didnt know him personally, i feel like I shouldnt be feeling this way. like i have no right to. but i just cant help it. my chest is tight 24/7. I am deeply effected by this and feel so deeply sorry for his loved ones. and I know i am not the only one and that gives me comfort. his soul was so good and had such an impact that even i am mourning him like a close friend. a stranger from the other side of the world. talk about appreciated. <3

  15. Ayana Jade says:

    Minute 15:34 an orb was in front of jc when he said “love you dude” Corey is there he’s right there man he’s listening, jc you r so strong and Corey wants to let you know that he’s ok and looking Down at his family and friends ♥️🕊

  16. Atiyeh Moghaddam says:

    This is extremely sad, life is so fragile.

  17. Hailey Winch says:

    I need a sweatshirt that says “we should all live a little like Corey”

  18. Alexis Mifko says:

    already, this hurts because everyone watches corey and is like “oh he’s the annoying loud fun one” but like it’s just crazy now that he’s gone and he’s never going to be able to make a new video and everything. it feels like it’s unreal like it happened so fast. i really started tearing up watching this. i really really can’t believe it. rip corey . he will forever be missed. i mean he’s definitely gonna be the life of the party up there where he’s at.

  19. Kelly Love says:

    “The nights” by Avicii listen please it’s great songs when you were saying he lived his life like it was his last in this song he sings about “ he said one day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember”

    • Eleesher Baker says:

      Omg iv been listerning to that song for the past few days and every Time I listen I think it Corey

    • Kelly Love says:

      Eleesher Baker I found this song out whenever someone I knew passed away due to suicide great song!

  20. Miss Michellie says:


    I’ve gotten so invested with this friend group over the years that it honestly feels like I’ve lost a best friend too. I constantly find myself just randomly thinking about Corey, then I get a big knot in my throat and try to fight back the tears because I know Corey wouldn’t want us to mourn but rather celebrate his life.

    For me the fact that Jc was trying to comfort us by telling us that it’s okay to feel like this, while fighting back tears himself, is very admirable. Let’s just remember it’s going to be a long time before things will ever start to feel somewhat okay again and they are going to continue needing our constant love and support.

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