I love you, Jake Paul.

I love you, Jake Paul.

…marry me?

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47 Responses

  1. A. Sayied says:

    Quality content on a black screen. Only Tana Mongeau can pull that off.

  2. Kyrenna N. says:

    My heaaaaart ? they’re so good together

    Edit: I’m crying this is beautiful

  3. Alicia Bourbon says:

    The moment we all find out that their relationship might actually *not* be for clout………

  4. Anastasia amberli Walker says:

    I’ve never thought that I would ever cry from watching a tana PAUL video

  5. Anastasia amberli Walker says:

    This whole video is me after reading those posts on sad relationship instagram quote

  6. Toffi says:

    “and if you watch it infront of me i’ll probably run away”

    i felt that. ?

  7. Toffi says:

    “ you dont really meet people who understand you . ever . you just meet people who pretend to.”

    felt that too ?

  8. Jenson Blight says:

    ”and to be quiet frank” wow tana pull up with that English vocab

  9. Natasha Arnold says:

    everyone always forgets or doesn’t know that tana is incredibly intelligent. if by any miracle tana reads this, i’ve been watching you since a month after you started this channel and i’ve never left. you have helped mould me into who i am today which is weird to say about someone you’ve never met. i’m so unbelievably proud that you have found true happiness especially after everything you’ve been through. tana i love you and i wish you the best.

    • Kblayney says:

      Natasha Arnold she’s so smart that she couldn’t even defend herself against idubbbz

    • Tom Tom says:

      @Kblayney you can’t blame her for saying the n word multiple times cause she “didn’t know it was a bad word to say to people”… well you can but uh… She’s a role model okay! ??

    • Makeup by Tabitha B says:

      Kblayney just cause ppl say things doesn’t mean they can’t change and advocate against saying those things sheesh why are you here

    • Kassandra Renteria says:

      Natasha Arnold why tf am I crying, i ain’t tana?❤️❤️❤️. This was so sweet of you !!

    • Kassandra Renteria says:


      Dude. Go find something else to do.

  10. happypets12345 says:

    This really made me love Tana on a whole new level

  11. Paige McKenzie says:

    i feel like she truly loves him but he doesn’t love her :/

  12. Callie Evenson says:

    “we could close our eyes and walk through this life completely blind and we would still manage to take the same steps”

  13. Ignasia Damara says:

    i just hope to god she doesn’t get her heart broken

  14. Callie Evenson says:

    “i love you for exactly who you are and every part of yourself, that you don’t”

  15. Rachel Payne says:

    Omg when you look into the black screen and see your reflection and you look like a soggy potato

  16. Barbiiee says:

    No one:

    *Stares at screen the whole video to see if something would happen*

  17. Naturally Mystique says:

    This video said “⬛️⬛️⬛️” and I felt that ?? thought my phone was broken but hey so did many

  18. Lauren Doherty says:

    I want to show this to my boyfriend but he’d laugh at me because it’s Tana and Jake Paul

  19. Char Mason says:

    If my future husband doesn’t love me like this. I don’t want him.

  20. Danielle Grimley says:

    ‘It mends my soul to mend yours’

    I’m just going to throw it out there… People who fake love, couldn’t even begin to articulate their emotion in such a way as this

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