I made 10,000 villagers worship me

I made 10,000 villagers worship me

I become god in minecraft and make thousands of villagers pray to me!

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Huge thanks to @Evbo and @SeaWattgaming for voice acting!

Music Credits:
“Black Vortex, Spellbound, Adding the Sun, Decisions”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Prod. Riddiman: solitary – https://youtu.be/qnygtQ6Y-tE

Build Credits:
The Rome Colosseum was built by – Stugace, Skm120491, H07Hawk
The castle, watch towers, and town hall was built by – Clubmantic
The Cathedral was built by – Ragnar le Rouge

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27 Responses

  1. Grox says:

    even the villagers want y’all to subscribe

  2. Lasagna Gaming 357 says:

    Him : No Vandalism

    Also Him : Destroys His Own Statue

  3. NVL says:

    Grox: *uploads*
    Every “Translation” channel: it’s free real estate

  4. PSD1 Gaming Shorts says:

    This is crazy bro!!!

  5. MrGooberRBLX says:

    I love how he shoot the child and not the innocent gorilla that was literally protecting the child and carried it a different way to not hurt it.

  6. Memz says:


    0:58 murd-
    1:06 k i n g
    1:18-1:40 spread of god
    1:52-2:10 mass murder incident
    2:28 sacrifice
    2:40 down with jester act
    3:10 (uprising rebels)
    3:20-3:35 (degroxidization)
    3:50 (loss of civilians)
    3:59 (west and east ~Germany~ oops I meant village)
    4:15 (training starts)
    4:20 – 4:27 getting reinforcements
    4:43 attempts of peace negotiations
    4:52 declaration of war
    5:06 nuke war
    5:13 very cool mushroom next to a very happy village
    5:20 recivilize

    *we don’t talk about that*

  7. Connor Pugs says:

    Another banger bro great stuff

  8. Cummanager says:

    You’ve come so far proud of you bro!

  9. mystery gamer says:

    This is literally the best video ever!! 😂 how does grox make villagers to do what he wants to??

  10. Sunspire says:

    Grox will always deliver when you need funny content 🤣

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