I Made a GIANT Board Game in a Water Park!

I Made a GIANT Board Game in a Water Park!

I Made a GIANT Board Game in a Water Park! with Brianna 👊

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54 Responses

  1. Brianna says:

    Subscribe or FACE THE SLIDE 😆

  2. -xXB l o s s o mXx- says:

    Hope you have a blessed day bri 😊

  3. Ongaku Neko Nguyen says:

    Her swimsuit is SO pretty! and NO I’m not a pervert, I’m a straight girl…

  4. yaiza paula says:

    that looked so fun i just wanted to drive a mile a way just to have fun there

  5. Sportfection Slimefection says:

    Living in Michigan, Caleb’s answer kinda hurt😂

  6. Angel Ostria says:

    I live in Texas to bri in Houston I wish I can go see y’all one day

  7. Baby Angel Galvez says:

    This is The same water park I wen’t to a while ago!!!: ))

  8. raznielle david alfonso says:

    Who all ways watch preston and brianna videos all day

    Me: i watch their videos all day

  9. Vicente Quezada says:

    I laughed so hard when Preston sed he was going to roll Caleb a 6

  10. Dagon Girl says:

    Caleb all the way at the back: I’ve had a lot of time to think.

  11. EJHearts says:

    I love Brianna’s bathing suit,u look bomb girl!!!! <3 🙂

    • [ACCOUNT DELETED] says:

      Din’t you know about this? Briana already marry. She now is Only can shoutout 1-3 people thats a lot of people said about this comment. Just think, how preston see briana read this comment. He might be angry. So thats why only 1-3 people only can gets shoutout. Im sorry bc this kinda litter bit weird but its important! Just STOP SAYING THAT! you know preston and bri already married right?!!! Thx for reading the comment

    • Nihar Latchman singh says:


    • Guardian 412 says:

      Alexander Davila yeh


    • Ellie Lamont says:

      Alexander Davila how

    • Makeu Upset says:

      It’s kind of a large bathing suit tho, might need a smaller one next vid

  12. Imadumb Hpfan says:

    Caleb really said

    “Dude I hate this game” because he was losing 😂

  13. Delroy Shaw says:

    I wish i was there! Im still in lockdown in London 🙁


    Did some body realise that in the start preton was in the one of 10 dangerous slides

  15. Tessa Adams says:

    Bri: Name the 5 great lakes
    Caleb: …
    Me:*offended* I live in Michigan!!! It is Lake Michigan, Erie, Huron, Superior, and Ontario!!!

  16. Shiza Azmat says:

    Caleb:IV been training for this
    *gets 1

  17. Pretty Ghosts says:

    I wish I was there I’m still in lockdown in Africa 🙁

  18. AlaskanWildChild says:

    I love how nobody is talking about Preston’s pink swimming trunks.

  19. Angelica Mckenzie says:

    I know the great lakes by heart and im in middle school🤣😂🤣

  20. Joshua Temple says:

    Uh, I’m (allegedly) related to William Wallace too…

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