I made a mistake

I made a mistake

Hiiii!!!!! I love you. I hope you enjoy us trying to get it together.


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39 Responses

  1. Morgan Adams says:

    Hiii!!!! How are you ily

  2. Elizabeth F says:

    “There’s two horses we can’t touch and a talking bird THAT’S SHY?!?!”???? I laughed so hard

  3. Mariah Ponchot says:

    With your Gucci backpack and marble suit case ??‍♀️?

  4. Sierra Gross says:

    I’m not even half way through this video but it’s giving me “The Simple Life” vibes already lol love you both

  5. Mandy Troth says:

    morgan: “…yellow tractors,”
    *puts a green tractor on screen*
    you messed up even more

  6. Jenna Perock says:

    “With two horses we can’t touch and a talking bird who’s SHY!!” truly iconic

  7. Laura Cottom says:

    The Simple Life II meet the new Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.??❤️❤️

  8. kiarra says:

    *hear me out:*

    morgan&trinity and garrett&andrew

    *have the same energy when they are together*

  9. WHAT_IS_MY_LIFE says:

    I being serious rn. If y’all started a YouTube Channel together I would watch it religiously?

  10. Samuel Somes says:

    Morgan: “”Should I go back and ask him if he wants to come?””
    Trinity: ?

  11. Joey Benedict says:


    Me: the runway

  12. Maddy Parke says:

    “if you walkie talkie me right now Trinity I swear to god I will walkie talkie you off a cliff”

  13. Maddy Parke says:

    “do I knew where I am? absolutely not”
    “do I have service? absolutely not”
    “will Trinity ever go on an adventure with me again? absolutely not”

  14. tronogaming201 0 says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Morgan: SuBuRbIaN SlUtS ?

  15. Emma says:

    You and trinity have such a genuine, funny friendship. wish I could relate

  16. Kelsy Wilkinson says:

    You and Trinity are bff goals! ❤️? “now that we have our crack” “cRAcKK!?!?” ??

  17. iiBxllxe Exlxshii says:

    Every time you regret something it just some how ends up with Trinity ?

  18. skwirral says:

    Morgan : ‘green fields, yellow tractors’
    *shows a picture of a green tractor*

  19. Meredith Bowers says:

    Trinity: is all cute with an ax
    Morgan: goes full Miley with a pickaxe

  20. TimmyTim. says:

    Trinity has so much personality she could have her own channel ??

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