“I Made A Mistake”

“I Made A Mistake”


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20 Responses

  1. Koala Jerky says:

    1.2k and trending go home your drunk YouTube

  2. Wolf Snow says:

    Whats the Difference between Jake Paul and Trump Trump has alot of money but actually became president Jake Paul has alot of money and does Cancerous Pranks and Vlogs and cannot Rap for shit

  3. Kent 4826 says:

    YouTube Totally Retarded

  4. League Amino Acid says:

    >liberal propaganda
    >conservative channel

  5. MIchael Simpson says:

    You people really need to understand how trending works. Its an algorithm, not a conspiracy. Morons.

  6. Thetreetroll says:

    just stop talking and balance the budget.

  7. Stephen J. Shackelford says:

    Darn Ruskies, back at it again with the strategically distributed propaganda

  8. Sand Nigger says:

    This trending is like a tranny being mentally “all there”.

  9. Simon Carlile says:

    I really hope Alabama burns to the ground someday. Everything about it is depressing.

  10. b1itsjustme says:

    Yup, leader of the free world. Worst human being on the planet, but dumb white people love him like the second coming of jebus. Loves the 2nd, but doesn’t have a clue about the 1st.

  11. Claudio Venturelli says:

    Really? This is trending with 23k views?

  12. Nate4Life01 says:

    what was the point of this video

  13. LightningIgnitor says:

    23K views, 30 second video, 938 ratings, 770 dislikes

    There is no way that this got onto trending without somebody putting it there.

  14. Joe Harris says:

    YouTube trending is just what YouTube wants you to watch not what is actually most popular.

  15. Christopher Cordasco says:

    I made a mistake clicking on this

  16. WackyJacky says:

    How the hell is this #10 on trending?!

  17. Progress Now says:

    This is creepy as fuck

  18. CaramelQueen Gaming says:

    10% comments on actual video.
    20% comments why is this trending.
    70% comments YouTube is rigged.

  19. Jess J says:


  20. Wolfatethecub says:

    Trending page is so fucking cance man, like wtf is this shit

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