I Made a MrBeast Video with $20

I Made a MrBeast Video with $20

$20 and a dream :,)
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42 Responses

  1. Kyle Krueger says:

    I was not expecting you to actually pay them🤝

  2. Jake L. says:

    Let’s be clear here, That dude did not just win $10,000 he won $10,003.26. We can’t forget the $3.26 he fought hard for.

  3. Patrick Zeinali says:

    The fact that you were talking about the circle while standing right by a street sign that said “the circle” BLEW MY MIND lol

  4. To B says:

    The good attitudes of these people to come do this and even participate/stay in circle after being told it was $8 is amazing. They even filmed. Played along. They all passed vibe check. I loved this

  5. 4moso says:

    Man the chemistry all those people had was unexpected. It was wholesome to see them get along, and bittersweet to see them lose. Ryan may have given them all 500 dollars but the friends he made for them is worth even more.

  6. Ashley Robert says:

    I love how the challenge starts out with seeing how long the contestants will last in the circle, to Ryan trying to get them to leave, because he didn’t expect them to stay so long.
    This was a super cute video ❤

  7. Steven He says:

    The level of social anxiety I felt just watching Ryan walk up to strangers….

  8. Deepesh says:

    Ryan is a man of steel when it comes to social anxiety. I would faint at some of such conversations.

  9. umm says:

    Ryan’s content is TOP NOTCH…. it just proves that you dont need to spend a lot of money just to produce amazing content

  10. Jeff says:

    Was not expecting you to drop $13,500 for this. That’s a really generous turn out and that guy will never forget that day.

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