I made a song in under 4 hours!

I made a song in under 4 hours!

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today I set myself the challenge of making a song in under 4 hours.. this is what I made.

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70 Responses

  1. DanTDM says:

    Want a music video for this?! xD

  2. ANANTHA 5322 says:

    This music is music of mirror and sail boat weard but dantdm did the best

  3. TurkeyBoy55 says:

    noice video

  4. Thebigbrains gaming says:

    Put this on Spotify please

  5. The Bunny Gamer says:

    “Mirror, mirror, SAILBOAT, SAILBOAT, mirror mir – Welcome to Tesco where – ror SAILBOAT – Welcome to Tesco where – mirror mirror, SAILBOAT – Welcome to

    *Smashes pc*

  6. Sloth Tart says:

    Trayaurus should do the music video 🤣👌💜

  7. E B says:

    Dan what music programs and stuff where u using?

  8. Nighttime Gamer says:

    i joined the DAB POLICE 👮‍♂️ and my friend done the infinite DAB

  9. Mango says:

    What’s the software you are using?

  10. AmazingBarkingCow says:

    Where is the iTunes link? 😂

  11. Denis says:

    That was actually so cool!!

  12. DragonPlayz123 says:

    MAKE A SECOND MUSIC CHANNEL! Plz this is amazing for a beginner, if you got better. I can’t even imagine.

  13. The Wild Pikachu says:

    Mirror Sailboat by DanTDM


  14. Meet The LEGO says:

    I would actually listen to this song 😂

  15. Savage Squad says:

    This better be on Spotify soon…

  16. Superdoge 947 says:


  17. Levi Ackerman says:

    *At least you helped Endigo with the editing*

  18. omegagamer says:

    Marshmello and Dan need to make a song together lol

  19. Skyelre Gaming // Skye Studio says:

    Sounding great Dan, you should really do more music!

  20. FennecFox Studios says:

    This was honestly so good! Imagine if this was the background or an ACTUAL song on the radio or something! I just have zero words on this but AMAZING! Keep up all your great videos and keep being awesome!💙💙💙💎💎💎😁😁😁

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