I made Crossy Road in Minecraft!

I made Crossy Road in Minecraft!

this is unbelievably difficult…
Funny people in the video:
@rekrap2 @SeaWattgaming @EightSidedSquare @Wifies
@Couriway @Fundy @AntVenom @SB737 @RubberRoss
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34 Responses

  1. Mysticat says:

    Subscribe & Check out when I made a DRIVABLE Car in Vanilla Minecraft! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbnCJ_zfWYg

  2. AntVenom says:

    Thanks for the invite! If only they knew how brutally fast that last yellow car really was… AND THEN YOU PUT THE CHECKPOINT BEHIND THE LOGS LOL..

  3. Brit Animations says:

    Can we see a working minecraft train next? One that you can actually ride to get to other stations in the world?

  4. Crimson says:

    Mysti is gonna go so far, they do such a wide variety of videos that appeals to so many audiences, I feel like the growth will never stop!

    • LizziShift says:

      @Daniyal Syed pronouns == gender

    • Jordan says:

      @Opalek im 99% sure mysticat is a he. but from what i see it would require some workaround in this sentence because “he do such a wide variety” sounds better with they. I see where you are coming from though

      Edit: I just realized they could of used “he does” insted of “he do” just disregard what I said earlier 🙂

      Edit Again: I just realized I might of used they if I wrote that so maybe idk

      why am i still editing this i should just stop bye :|}

    • Daniyal Syed says:

      @LizziShift mysticat is obviously male

    • Crimson says:

      @LizziShift Yeah that’s what I’ve heard

  5. DT10 says:

    I love how Mysticat is slowly introducing more and more YouTubers into their videos, it makes them super interesting to watch!

  6. ReniDrag says:

    Dude thats such an awesome idea perfectly executed!! Awesome job

  7. Ayundaru says:

    Gotta love fundy’s screams 😂😭

  8. Wunba says:

    This is amazing that you made it all using only command blocks! Hilarious to see all the YouTubers failing and succeeding!

  9. random youtuber says:

    Now this guy doesn’t just swear in Minecraft with a lot of kids watching

    This guy is making the content that will make me watch

  10. Taolan8472 says:

    I kinda was hoping this or something similar would be the next step after driveable cars.

    Cruelty to other creators is some quality content!

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