I Made Giant 50-Pound Pancakes For The Try Guys • Tasty

I Made Giant 50-Pound Pancakes For The Try Guys • Tasty

“I can’t even lift it, they’re so heavy.”

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46 Responses

  1. coolcathd5 iwu says:

    I challenge you to make a giant TAKOYAKI. And i mean more than 1, at least 4.

  2. Tri Monster says:

    I like that BuzzFeed can have a good relationship with their former employees

  3. blowoff valve says:

    Teacher make sure you eat breakfast before the field trip


  4. Space Cat says:

    *Make 5 huge cookies with a large glass of warm milk, please*

  5. Elsa McKenzie says:

    Alvin: You can be George

    Editor: SJORS

  6. Tomas Dimitrov says:

    “That’s some big pancakes”

    The rock: Hold my beer

  7. mom's spaghetti says:

    9:48 “ok, you can be george”
    video editer: alright, sjors

  8. Azween Taib says:

    “That’s a big box of pancake mix, ah uh FAMILY RECIPE” OKAY, WE GET IT?

  9. Aliza Tariq says:

    I love how Alvin names nearly all his appliances/food

  10. Steven Chen says:

    14:30 I thought Alvin was about to say, “So Zach, how do you feel about eating Eugene”

  11. Gacha Joyee says:

    “This is a PanCake. It’s a CAKE made in this PAN”
    -Alvin 2019

  12. Alyssson C. says:

    No one:

    Zach to Alvin: “You can make me panckaes whenever you want” lmao

  13. Kamari West says:

    Him talking about the family recipe and then blurring out Aunt Jemima was the best part of the video

  14. Smol Mellows says:

    “wooohhh you’re a heavy boi, jim. oh wait what’s your name? dave i forgot.”

    my parents mixing up me and my sibling’s names.

  15. Elvijus Sunskis says:

    “Very very famous SECRET recipe” ?
    How can it be famous but secret

  16. HeyLiz says:

    – what’s that book about?!
    = it’s a self help book from four people that can’t help themselves
    Me: omg??? so me here

  17. Shadow شادوو says:

    Tasty : I Made the Giant Pancake

    Mr Beast:Hold My Credit

  18. Juli 630 says:

    You should try making a giant pretzel?

  19. Sudaysa Whynot says:

    You should make a giant taco

    It would be AMAZING !!!!

  20. Abee Raza says:

    You should definitely make a giant Marshmallow! !! It’s gonna be so fun to eat and play ??

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