I Made Minecraft Ocean’s Terrifying…

I Made Minecraft Ocean’s Terrifying…

In this video, we updated the ocean in Minecraft to be deadly and terrifying. We added new mobs, new weapons, a new boss, and even a submarine! Then we challenged our friends to beat it!

Thank you to @Fundy @Mysticat
@Knarfy and @TheVisionaryOne for their appearances!

🛠️ Team Workshop:
– ModSully, StLee, Toxteer, Ninni, Endergy, UnRoman (Art)
– Wither (Development)

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Minecraft, but I coded oceans differently. If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy I unleashed the multiverse in Minecraft. Or even, I coded your ideas in Minecraft!

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41 Responses

  1. SystemZee says:

    subscribe pls or be sent to DAVY JONES LOCKER 💀

  2. Sam says:

    I think the best thing about this is that the sharks aren’t immediately hostile! That’s a huge misconception about sharks irl, and has lead to the widely spread idea that sharks are aggressive and angry predators. This has lead to huge numbers of shark deaths due to people hunting them for sport because they think they’re mean. The majority of shark attacks are actually mistakes (i.e. sharks thinking surfers are sea lions, or experimentally bumping swimmers to see what they are) and you’re more likely to be struck by lighting than attacked by a shark! So thank you SysZee for not contributing to this harmful idea about sharks!

  3. El Stando says:

    Honestly this would make a good Minecraft Oceans update, just rework some attacks, do something to the shark (perhaps a reskin that’s bone shark that has plant growth on it and bits of rotted flesh on it, and would occur if a shark spawned near a shipwreck, or something else,) add a new biome and/or a few new blocks and it’d be a decently good update

    • VoidWorldGaming 1116 says:

      @Tomas Smikal dude what are you on about while yes these are impressive and neat ideas it’s like only a few things and there are usually tons of bugs and issues that they have but he doesn’t fix since it’s just for the video.

      For one example this video only has 3 mobs, 1 ‘boss'(if you can even call it that), 3 shown items, 1 plant and 2 ridable entities(1 being a mob) while the boss looks cool there has been no mention of anything else such as hp and drops and it’s method of attack isn’t smoothed out considering we can see movement and controls get weird with the cyclone

      Same thing can be said about the sharks while I do think Mojang’s rule about real world creatures is a bit iffy It’s still pretty valid the effect system with bleeding would seem pretty well thought out but then you get into things like so any form of damage should give you bleeding which should be no so you patch out punching and a variety of different forms of damage that really shouldn’t cause bleeding in real life, then there has to be a system of if you take too much damage from these then you get bleeding, then there’s the problem of is bleeding really needed and if there are better ways of doing this, then other systems get added for it and then it has to be thought of can bleeding effect gameplay of anything else blah blah blah

      TL;TR: as much as this guy spits out ‘possible'(didn’t even get into the fact how many of these would wreck balancing in Minecraft) updates they would still need a huge amount of work to refine them and make then as bug free and somewhat balanced for their intended purpose as possible

    • kit brick productions 🇺🇦 says:

      I apologise for bieng the 201st like on the comment ruining the perfect 200

    • Mimikyu metagross says:

      @Ярило thank you

    • Mimikyu metagross says:

      Sharks don’t act like this

    • Tomas Smikal says:

      They should hire him

  4. TheFoxBoyGamer says:

    I love the idea of this, and if Mojang were to add something like this, I would hope they would do it in different layers of the ocean, just like we have in real life, and the deeper you go the darker and more challenging it gets. That way, the cyclone or other hard mobs aren’t just in the surface water (or I guess daylight zone) making the game annoying and harder

  5. Crafter 686 says:

    These mobs with the ones currently in the aquatic update would make the updates to the ocean a complete masterpiece! If only mojang added more dangerous mobs.

  6. Mohamed Alamin says:

    Can you do this as a series.
    Where you update biomes and make your friends try to survive in it
    Next time upgrade the mesa, snowy biome or nether

  7. Keelia Silvis says:

    Zee is terrifyingly creative when it comes to underwater creatures 😱

  8. Facterino Commenterino says:

    Today’s fact: The most distant star visible to the naked eye is “V76 Cas” located in the Cassiopiea constellation, and it is 16,310 light years away. The light emitting from that star started emitting in around 14000 BC, during which time the Earth was still in the Upper Paleolithic era.

  9. Tops says:

    I remember that boss from years ago… It’s when Zee made some bosses for Minecraft that corresponds with each element. The Cyclone boss represents water.

  10. GmodViolet says:

    I really hope some of these ideas can end up on Origin Realms because they removed shipwrecks and Ocean Temples there so the Ocean Biome is currently quite boring and uninteresting.

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