I Made That Awful Jeans Chair

I Made That Awful Jeans Chair

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46 Responses

  1. Shelby Heinlen says:

    Now she can turn herself into this chair ?

  2. mariah arieux says:

    buy baby jeans and make a tiny chair for marbles

  3. Emily Brawn says:

    Jenna: This is so unrealistic i know this wont work for a fact! Who is this for?
    Also Jenna: This Rules! This is for me! ????
    Jenna: im hot im so mad this is infuriating! This mathematically makes no sense everything they say is a lie its going to fall apart! This is so expensive!
    Also jenna: its kinda comfortable. It actually sick! And kinda fun!?

  4. Jaimee Lynn says:

    Will you please become slender man? You should get some stilts and a long suit and finally become tall!!!!!

  5. McGreger says:

    Guess you could say Jenna was feeling blue after all that.

  6. мαкι ηιsнιкιησ says:

    I love how passionate Jenna was angry ranting at 5-Minute Crafts

  7. McGreger says:

    Example of Jenna’s too-much gene #457

  8. Roxanne Guenette says:

    “Weirdest murder scene ever” lol

  9. Laura Garcia says:

    Ju: “Ahhahah Ohh! Staple just went in my back!!
    Je: “You deserve a staple going in your back!!!”


  10. Linnea Soderberg says:

    pretty please finish it up with a sewing machine so it can be a permanent part of your life

    • bubblegumplastic says:

      She needs an extra strong machine that can handle jeans

    • Linnea Soderberg says:

      +bubblegumplastic valid…. or one that atleast had a foot that can go high enough to accommodate the width

    • colorandcontrast says:

      Yeah I was thinking if it was sewn and you did the centre cleverly and maybe gave it some kinda frame it could be salvaged as something that a person might actually be able to theoretically use.

  11. Vilde Håland says:

    Why jeans? Sweatpants would be a lot more comfortable.. and cheaper.. right? ?

  12. Elise ak says:

    Seeing those stuffed jeans laying around on the floor made me uncomfortable for some reason

  13. Gretchen Langholz says:

    Imagine that when they try throwing it out, their neighbors see them and think that they are moving dead bodies

  14. Bella says:

    This video has revived the phrase “Sexual Wednesdays”

  15. sarahwindsor20 says:

    I feel like Jenna is Phoebe Buffay’s long lost sister don’t ask me why?

  16. Alexandra C. says:

    Can we get a whole video dedicated to Jenna and Julian compete to try to do 5 minute craft ideas in 5 minutes? 😉

  17. aesthetic babe says:

    Jenna: *mentions TJ Max*

    Jeffree Star: Who?

  18. SoniasWay says:

    It’s okay Jenna, your videos are still far better and real than those 5 min crafts ????
    … I kinda try to make videos too, but they are mostly useless

  19. Ava says:

    Dear 5 minute crafts,

    Stahp it. Get some help

  20. Zolenge B. says:

    camouflage yourself into the *jair* (jean chair)

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