I Made the Spiciest Meal Ever

I Made the Spiciest Meal Ever

4 Courses. 9,000,000 Scoville of Heat. 1 Winner. The tastiest spicy food challenge ever done.

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25 Responses

  1. Phoenix Refo says:

    This is a great switch up of content. You can tell everyone’s having a lot of fun with it and it was fun seeing the whole crew taking part it in.

    • coows says:

      @Mister Hat No. The editing was 10x better, the money prize was degisgned to add suspence, and they added something new every 3 seconds. That’s why joshua weissman is the goat. That’s why he’s as good as mr. beast. Their content is similar af.

    • VicramFilms says:

      @Kelvin Kyaw exactly! This video is focused on entertainment and will be balanced out with all of our more informative and educational recipes in the coming days/weeks

    • Kelly T says:

      Well one of the crew members ran for the hills after a sniff.

    • Kelvin Kyaw says:

      @Mister Hat Honestly I’m okay with it if it’s this kind of content. This video ain’t meant to be educational because who’s gonna have access to Dragon’s Breath? The recipes have been featured before on the channel so what’s left is to entertain the viewers

    • Mister Hat says:

      It was gimmicky and rushed. Subpar compared to Josh’s previous videos.

  2. Dio says:

    Suffering through the hottest food imaginable in order to get a top end pc for free and what does he do? He unironically plays Skryim again.
    Absolute mad lad.

  3. cassiapeia says:

    Kyla just chilling is such a power move.

    (Also shout-out to Kendrick and his MCDM shirt)

  4. Beware the Lily of the Valley says:

    Hearing Japanese words in places I’m least expecting them is always a treat, lol. Love that Kendrick gave the answer of Boku no Natsuyasumi. I’d never heard of the game and had to look it up. It looks nice!

    • Oscar Montes says:

      @Skrimpy79 chef’s kiss

    • Skrimpy79 says:

      He must have just watched the Action Button review, another masterpiece.

    • Biff Wellington says:

      I thought it was funny that he gave up at the very beginning, before even tasting the first dish. It’s not like you’d need a supercomputer to play that game, anyway, so it makes sense. I mean, he didn’t have much to fight for, there.

  5. SaberTooth says:

    I love how Josh is walking us through the process of making all this—even though most of us are probably not gonna risk consuming it 😂

    • Matt Davis says:

      I’m the madman that grows Carolina Reapers and other super hots in my backyard. I have a plant inside my house right now, still producing. 😛

    • Thatch Netherfold says:

      Also love the fact that despite the curry is literally and named Curry From Hell, it was made WITH LOVE from the finely cheffy touches of Josh himself.

    • Strawberry Hellcat says:

      @grammaurai 😂 Guess I’m not either. I grow Reapers and sometimes eat them straight off the plants.

    • SaberTooth says:

      @SteelRazor47 rip, my Asian uncle would scoff at me

    • SaberTooth says:

      @SteelRazor47 as a dude who fears extremely spicy chilis, I’ll take your advice and won’t add any to my food at all

  6. Filip Nilsson says:

    The fact that the commercial break right before Josh was tasting the spiciest sauce was about diapers preventing babies getting poop on their backs just feels so perfect

  7. morgue tyler says:

    I wanna go head-to-head with Evan on that meal. We probably have similar heat tolerances. I’m not like a raging chilihead but I make my own sauce and I was living for some of this stuff

  8. liljemark1 says:

    Insane. I’m nowhere near this level of spice tolerance, but I kind of would like to know how these people felt like the day after. Awesome video!

  9. Seth Zuckerman says:

    I was a little sad that Kendrick ran away and didn’t even attempt the challenge, but this was awesome! I loved that everyone got involved

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