I Made The Worlds Most Powerful Boxing Glove!

I Made The Worlds Most Powerful Boxing Glove!

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38 Responses

  1. I did a thing says:

    Get tickets for the boxing match NOW! https://thecreatorclash.com/

  2. Dad says:

    A genius invention. Now imagine if they built an entire robot man who could fight… 🤔 😉

  3. InfernoPlus says:

    I think you can make it at least twice as powerful by yelling “Rocket Punch!” before you fire it.

  4. Noah McCabe says:

    That “feel how heavy this steel is compared to the aluminum” drop test at 4:25 was a great way to show the difference between the two

  5. Caffineated Chef says:

    This is maybe the third time this man made something just a few parts away from being a gun. Love it every time

  6. Vi K says:

    This is easily one of my favorite creations you’ve made, the build quality is really good! It looks great and the power it’s putting out is crazy. Great work!

  7. Endre Mathistad says:

    It’s so good to have insane people be able to reach a proper audience. This is the future we never dreamed of but clearly deserve. Hats off, gloves on

  8. GLOCK YT says:

    He puts a lot of effort in every clip he deserves more ❤️

  9. Gunhaver says:

    3:44 all jokes aside, i’ve actually seen old timers do with on the range because they were too cheap or lazy to get real ear plugs. i believe R Lee Ermy would use .45 casings as ear plugs in his TV show Mail Call as well. i’ve tried it, and it kind of sort of works? its better than nothing at all. your fingers work better, but if you need your hands free, its an option lol. i probably wouldn’t use a live round though because i’d be worried about the bullet coming out and getting stuck in there

    • Cool Dog says:

      Yeah. If a live round gets stuck in your ear, then it’s gonna be absolutely horrifying getting it removed. One wrong tap and you’re done

    • D H says:

      It isnt about being too cheap or lazy to get real plugs, its about forgettting them at home.

      Also, if you lose your plugs while in basic training (millitary) they havr you do the same thing.

  10. North of the Border says:

    The new Iron Man reboot is looking pretty good.

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