I made the worlds strongest nut cracker

I made the worlds strongest nut cracker

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I’ve been waiting for the crossover episode between my explosive bat and a nut cracker for over a year. It was totally worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it!

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36 Responses

  1. Stuff Made Here says:

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    • HateHater says:

      Why did you have this idea? Well that’s a tough nut to crack… Luckily we now have the tool for the job!

    • Kendall Guier says:

      6:05 is that an Idiocracy joke?

    • William Degener says:

      Stop spraying your nut dust everywhere. At least let us put our paper masks on first….

    • PaperPlanesParadise says:

      @Paul did you miss read it as j… me too 😂

    • Nikough Madsa says:

      Make a better wall for safety. Plywood that thin is just moral support. Jokes aside, wrap it in kevlar than spray it with line-x. I’m a little bit disappointed that you didn’t even bolt a thin piece of sheet metal to it considering the pressures you’re dealing with.

      Love your content, stay safe <3

  2. AHappyKid says:

    Like they say: Physics is math with the universe’s limitations, and engineering is physics with a budget.

  3. PNW Perspective says:

    Shane: “alright, the big question.”
    The wife: “I already married you.”
    Shane: *rolls eyes*

    • romxxii says:

      He doesn’t even roll his eyes. His immediate response is rapid eye-blinking, which is more like “I want to say something clever in response but I don’t want to sleep on the couch tonight”

    • Matt Raerth says:

      This is up there with:

      Shane: “This might be my favourite thing I’ve ever created”
      Wife: “We have a daughter…”

  4. go away says:

    I love all of your powder-actuated content. There aren’t many people who are even capable of designing that safely-ish

  5. SmarterEveryDay says:

    This is not a nut cracker. This is a nut buster.

  6. TronTech33 says:

    “It’s just like they say: Any old schmuck can design a bridge, but only an engineer can make on that barely stands.” I feel like Real Civil Engineer lives by this statement.

  7. JL2579 says:

    This nut buster probably has more crushes than anyone else in the world. I am in love with it, too! Brilliant video as always!

  8. Jhonbus says:

    I was expecting you’d design it so the piston had a bit of run-up before it hits the nut (or whatever else is being cracked.) For the sake of anybody else reading who wonders why, this would apply a larger peak force to the object being crushed and make spectacular fragmentations more likely. The burning of the propellant takes some amount of time, and the high-pressure gas is available and applying force for even longer, much more time than is needed for the cracking action, and with this design the gas is still at very high pressure when the piston reaches the end of its travel, and it can no longer do any work (since the work done is force X displacement) . Allowing the piston to accelerate before hitting the object to be crush would let it store up a bit of the energy the shells produce, and apply it to the over a shorter period, allowing more energy to be transferred before the piston stops moving. The object being crushed would experience the same impulse, but a much higher resultant force, albeit for a shorter time. Less good for squashing plastic materials, perhaps, but I think better for cracking and smashing nuts and the like 🙂

    Of course, I’m sure you considered all of this, and I imagine absorbing the energy of the piston would pose a lot of problems, since the screws holding the nutcracker’s head on will also be experiencing a much higher force…

  9. DIYTyler says:

    Awesome Shane and thewife! Congrats…see the latest bun is not in the oven anymore.

  10. 600k challenge with 0 video says:

    This is the most inspiring content I’ve ever seen, very original!!!

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