I Made Two Videos And They Were Both Bad

I Made Two Videos And They Were Both Bad

I’m aware that filming editing and uploading all on the same day is a terrible plan, it always has been and always will be, and there has been many times where I have filmed and edited on different days or ahead of time. All are fine, and at the end of the day it’s just what I find fun and enjoyable. It also gives me the time in my week to do our podcast, my siriusxm radio show, and live stream on twitch. I feel really bad I just couldn’t make something fun today, I really tried my best. And I will say that VR is super super fun and I know there are a lot of games (especially horror lol) that you guys have asked me to play because you want me to suffer and have nightmares. I promise we will keep working and tinkering with the format and find really enjoyable games to not only play but watch as well. And I’m also very sorry that I couldn’t make a hot wheels ramp in my hair because it would have been. SO. FUN. Perhaps I could revisit it someday in the future. Anyways thanks for understanding, or not, that’s fine too, and I’ll see you guys next week.

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38 Responses

  1. Lexy Camacho says:

    I miss when you would always dye your hair when julien goes out with his friends ?

  2. Jada Marie Cu Atman says:

    You could honestly just say random shit in front of camera and I’d be happy.

  3. Sam. [샘] says:


    “Girl are you hungry or WHAT?”


    You want a sandwich?”

  4. Jorden Vegas says:

    It’s ok Jenna. Take a break if you need it. We still love you.❤️❤️❤️

  5. saxophonefullofmacncheese speedy gonzolez says:

    Jenna could upload a silent 40 second video of her making her bed and I’d still be happy

  6. Makayla Trimark says:

    This is still better content than 3/4’s of what’s on YouTube ??

  7. Jenn Wojack says:

    When Jenna makes an apology video for not making a video and it still hits the trending page.

  8. TIO says:

    Jenna you could literally post a 1 second video of you saying the word ‘couch’ and I’d still love your content and you

  9. Caitie O says:

    Just telling us the IDEA of the hot wheels track hair is enough of a video * cry laughing *

  10. Jenny G says:

    Sounds like we’re due for a JENNAS RATCHET SALON video as a real apology.

  11. logibear57 says:

    A compliation of your failed videos would be awesome, I’m sure

  12. Samantha Shourds says:

    Since there’s not extras videos anymore how about a failed video compilation at christmas?

  13. Elin de Leeuw says:

    Make a compilation with all videos that you filmed but were too terrible to put online…

  14. miss.understood says:

    its so funny listening to the “fails” cuz she always gives %100

  15. M says:

    I couldn’t take the whole “trying to make my hair into a hotwheels track” ??

  16. Gemma Scotland says:

    Egg Whites and Sugar! That’s how the punks got their giant mohawks to stay up

  17. andrea olivas says:

    And you’re on trending tho… A complete Legend, I tell you

  18. OFFWHEAT says:

    *Please upload the vr video as a bonus or blooper I’d watch al of it even if it’s 10 hours I got time!*

  19. No memes no Game says:

    Video suggestion: turn yourself into Shane Dawson and film an over dramatic series for like 5 minute

  20. Christi Thornburg says:

    You’ve said yourself, some of the videos you thought you did horrible on were most loved by fans. We are here for any and all content, internet mom

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