I messed up…

I messed up…

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58 Responses

  1. Rickzin Rickden says:

    JJ: “He’s black, smokes weed and lives in America”

    Me: definitely Wiz Khalifa

  2. 1k subs with no videos challenge says:

    This comment section:
    He’s black, smokes weed, and lives in America

  3. oh really?『Asagiri Gen』 says:

    “why he gotta have that minecraft beat in the back tho, that just kills the beat man”

  4. EliasVV says:

    Jj: He lives in America

    Me: It’s DAX

  5. Angelos Vlahos says:

    “He’s black, he smokes weed and lives in America”

    Me: the entire East Coast

  6. Marktrendy fx Sanchez says:

    Everyone: Remixes always Sound worse than the original Song

    Ksi: Hold my Beer

  7. Fire eel 1 says:

    His hair is the color of the panting on the right of his chair. Look at the color between the headphones and the hat thing see

  8. Arthur S.O. says:

    JJ: ” Hey, that guy has an ear.”
    Some f-ing degenerate in the comments: ” Actually, he has got two ears.”
    Me: *reaching for the knife*

  9. SenzaBeens says:

    Ksi: alright, here’s a hint to my next feature.
    Ksi Hint: he’s a rapper

  10. Rabiul S says:

    The color of his hair is bright red with no highlights, just pure blood red.

  11. Christine Malcolm Ciantar says:

    When tobi was rapping he took of his headphones and saw his hair red that is how I know his hair colour.

  12. LUN4R3CL1PS3ツ says:

    JJ: my hair is a suprise you won’t know the color yet

    Me: I can literally see his hair is red cause you can see where his ear is

  13. RandomName says:

    JJ: He’s black, Smokes weed , and lives in America.

    Me: definitely Snoop Dogg

  14. AJ Lacaci says:

    Watch him be trolling us and the hint he’s giving us is really just Trippie Redds feature in wake up call and that’s on the album

  15. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    “He is black smokes weed and lives in america.”

    Me: its Obama

  16. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    JJ: hes black, he smokes weed, he lives in america

    Me: Kevin Durant

  17. Iver_Namsos says:

    JJ: He black, Smokes weed, Lives in america

    Me: Harry black in america now?

  18. Macro Mandingo says:

    The person he’s talking about is Offset….obviously

  19. Cesar Sanchez says:

    He’s black, smokes weed, and lives in America…

    Pewdiepie: Ni-

  20. Faizaan Ahmed says:

    JJ: Hes black, smokes and lives in America
    Me: Ryder

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