I met Charli D’Amelio in real life…

I met Charli D’Amelio in real life…

It finally happened. Quackity, Wilbur, CaptainSparklez and more appeared today too! This was legendary LMAO.
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26 Responses

  1. Sol says:

    Tommy is just about the only person that can make an awkward situation hilarious

  2. Bethany Saliba says:

    Tommy’s so great at explaining and expressing his experiences, I feel second-hand joy, embarrassment, and awkwardness with him. Great commentating skills, sir!! Really relatable and altogether just innocent fun, I love it

  3. M :D says:

    Larry and his friend are like the cool uncles taking their weird nerdy nephew out to a club for the first time. absolutely hilarious and wholesome one of the funniest vlogs ever😂

  4. It'sRavenLy says:

    He was obviously uncomfortable but he still managed to make the situation funny, props to you king

  5. The Composer Himself says:

    It’s actually kind of heartwarming seeing Tommy interact with these people! He’s so hilarious sometimes yet so genuine… It’s a great skill to be able to handle situations like these, and not everyone can! Even though he seemed kind of uncomfortable during the entire video, he still managed to make us laugh and entertain us. What a legend he is!

  6. ACTOrange Shorts says:

    The middle finger is a Tommy classic when it comes to greeting ppl
    💀 So much potential there, Tommy

  7. Baby Grimm says:

    The party gave me real bad social anxiety. Mad Respect to Tommy just being himself and having fun even though he seemed so out of place and anxious himself.

  8. bunny! says:

    the way you and Marc understood the assignment and danced perfectly DESTROYING Charli in the most best way possible, *The TommyInnit way*

  9. melikedaotters says:

    Can we also just appreciate larray and his friend (sorry idk his name) being really nice and including tommy? Like Larray introduced tommy and didn’t leave him out which i thought was super nice of him

  10. If youre planning on replying, you already lost says:

    12:31 can we talk about how kind it was for Larray to include Tommy and introduce him, Larray seems like a true friend

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