I Met GeorgeNotFound In Real Life…

I Met GeorgeNotFound In Real Life…

I met GeorgeNotFound in real life!! He smelled funny

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Today I met GeorgeNotFound from the DreamSMP and from the Dream Manhunt videos with Sapnap. In reality, I wanted to go see George in real life because he has been my friend for a long time and I wanted to see him. So I filmed an IRL vlog and I went to Florida- I mean the UK to see GeorgeNotFound. I also met Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot and Jack Manifold.

people in video
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26 Responses

  1. Quackity says:


  2. a cloud of curls says:

    The energy everyone welcomed him with was awesome. George immediately started planning shenanigans, Tommy basically jumped on him, Jack
    Wilbur was also very nice,

  3. OwO says:

    Can’t believe George and Quackity act like brothers who love messing with each other when they meet irl.

  4. Smiltė Ruzgaitė says:

    These two guys creating the most wholesome energy. I love their friendship with my whole heart…i can’t even imagine what would happen if they move out together…praying for their neighbors-

  5. sin3c12 says:


  6. camille rouiller says:

    The style of editing you use is actually the funniest thing ever. The random gifs add so much and make it 1000x funnier. Amazing job!!

  7. gOgY says:

    George at the end is like “It’s so wholesome!” A few seconds earlier . . . “Sits on Quakity so he can’t get his hand out the hole”

  8. cara richard says:

    Bro can we just appreciate how genuine Quackity is about being grateful for everything. He makes us so happy every time he uploads but also is thankful for all the support everyone gives him. Bravo Quackity and thank you for being you

  9. Lara Dixon says:

    Text to speech Tommy just being 80% “fuck off” is so funny to me what the hell

  10. Toxiccity says:

    I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. It was so funny, and so sweet.
    Can’t wait for y’all to meet up again.

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