i met ronaldo 🇵🇹

i met ronaldo 🇵🇹

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  1. Jaden Williams says:

    I think it’s actually fair to say he’s Ronaldo’s #1 fan.

  2. PinkTeddyz says:

    It makes me feel so happy to see Speed achieve his dream. He totally deserves it and i’m so proud of him

  3. Burger Phone Gaming says:

    This is like actually inspiring like he worked his ass off to meet this man, his idol, and he finally did it. It gives me like hope that like you really can do something if you put your mind and body to it.

  4. Razvi show! says:

    What a moment, what a legend. I’m so glad IShowSpeed finally met Ronaldo. He worked so hard to achieve his dream and yet after everything he been through, he did it. Congrats to Speed and to everyone who made his dream reality❤

  5. Jullia RED says:

    i really love how happy he is. im happy that he achived his dream and met ronaldo. Huge RESPECT

  6. aninhas da maia says:

    estou feliz!! já repeti o vídeo umas 50 vezes só para ver o momento do speed e do Ronaldo. grande speed, foi bem merecido. #CRISTORENALDO #SUIIIIII

  7. Alejandro Madrigal says:

    We were all waiting for this moment, it finally came true.. Speed meets Ronaldo! Huge respect to Rafael Leão for making his heart warming dream come true.

  8. TheGreatHeisman says:

    Happy for you bro!! Well deserved this is why I always have Ronaldo’s back as someone who’s been repping him since 2007. Don’t believe the sports medias agendas. Ronaldo is a good kind hearted person ❤

  9. Waterlemon says:

    its so great to see someone like speed achieve a dream hes been chasing for so long. he deserves it all man ❤

  10. Chris says:

    This is actually so heartwarming bro we love to see it honestly.

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