I might need to take a break

I might need to take a break

Day 79. Thanks for understanding guys.

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41 Responses

  1. 1980staylor says:

    Corey relax love. No matter what, it’s just good to see your face, hear your voice and to know that you are good!

  2. SayianGod2024 GMZ says:

    Cory, even tho us, The Samurai, want you to take a break, don’t stop pushing for your dreams!! Use the enthusiasm from us to keep you going!

    P.S. If you need a break we all understand, but keep pushing for your dream until you can’t anymore.

    -The Samurai

  3. Luna Heart says:

    I feel so bed you Cory..I don’t want one of my favorite YouTubers in the world to work them self up and not able to do different things at certain times. I love you CORY.

  4. Trey Smith says:

    Cory i see you flexing with those air pods in the back your not slick? all jokes aside tho if you need to take a break do we samurai brothers and sisters will not cry maybe i will tho

  5. Devin Roman says:

    Cory watch all the mk11 trailers so you know the new characters

    Like so Cory can notice!

  6. ShinobiToonz says:

    I understand that you need to take a break and all, BUT DOES ANYBOY ELSE SPOT THEM AIRPODS IN THE BACK!?

  7. Evan Robinson says:

    Take a break as long as you need we’ll still all be here.
    Michigan Samurai!!

  8. EchoX 92 says:

    Man FORGET the ones who don’t understand! Take a break…if they don’t like it,they can make a channel and upload videos!

  9. Miefwa Goddess says:


  10. The MG Guy says:

    Keep it up Cory. We understand. We’re all imperfect.
    ?if u like this comment.

  11. Mini Yogurt says:

    Dang my birthday in 4 days. But see u later off ur break. But we take a break with u Cory. And I samurai size that light button ?

  12. kim seokjin has my entire weave says:

    You deserve a break Cory! We, us samurai, will still be here when you get back. ??

  13. PeanutButter YT says:

    He got the AirPods by his candle on the left lol

  14. Zachary Backstrom says:

    Get an editor that knows you well, and understands you’re style. Or just consider it. Miss you coryxkenshin ??

  15. F.B.I says:

    On behalf of the SAMURAI FBI,

    You deserve a break

  16. Topaz Epitone says:

    Cory: I need a break guys…

    *Duolingo Bird:* NOT ON MY WATCH

  17. Phill Godridge says:

    Yo Cory. We see those airpods in the back…

  18. eva says:

    Don’t worry Cory. Take the break as long as you need it. Love you!

    The Samari-

  19. Aka Yoobi says:

    Brother duolingo asking for the vid he is getting mad he says get it down by next week or he coming for u

  20. Kc Farts says:

    Every body CLAP THE FREAK UPPP!!! For day 79???????

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