I never wanted to make this video

I never wanted to make this video

hey guys, todays video is a bit different then the usual video. Thank you guys for hearing me out, what do you think about this?
let me know down below!

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Sad Money

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63 Responses

  1. Manny Mua says:

    thank you guys for listening! I love you all!!!! needed to get this off my damn chest!

    • Machae Nichols says:

      Anytime you need to talk Manny I am here for you! ❤️

    • true feminist free thinker provocateur says:

      Oh honey, that’s capitalism for you. This is really not serious problems. Its capitalists soap opera.
      I adore you Manny. I know it’s frustrating. It’s the teeth of the beast. First the wealthy dabble now in luxury &indy and the poor dibble with the then “generics” or “dupes”. That’s trickle down economics and capitalism. There is children starving and locked in cages. It’s ok to vent but don’t make this a thing honey. Obviously keep up the fight but……be cognizant.
      I will only buy your highlighters to support your brand. As soon as I figure out my life again at 37. Just tread lightly. It’s great you said it’s trivial in comparison. I think if you just remember where most people are at right now and be delicate you have a winnable argument. I don’t mind a dupe of shades but I’m flummoxed by this.

    • calloway04 says:

      Manny Mua NO big brand should be taking from a indie, barely starting or the biggest brand EVER that’s straight out STEALING if they wouldn’t want a thief to steal their brand at a retail store then they should KNOW what it fuckinh feels like to be stolen from! They are THIEVES plain & simple… YES I get if ur inspired by somethin FINE but come up with ur OWN SPIN ON IT!!!

    • Cynthia Mon says:

      This is so sad 😭

    • Leah Kershaw says:

      Makeup Revolution is trash. I think companies that dupe makeup are unethical. You are 100% justified in being upset about this and i think you should talk to your lawyers about legal action.

  2. Heather Smith-Evans says:

    That’s downright criminal theft in my eyes! They stole something that you bought and paid for for their own personal gain that’s criminal theft!!!

  3. Brittanny says:

    I did want to point out. When you were holding the two together. It was impossible for me to pick out which was yours. That speaks volumes for this situation. I’m proud of you and still think 2020 will be your best year yet.

    • Lexi Bailey says:

      I could tell by the color. His is a holo-ish look and theirs is white-ish.

    • Luv2LuvEm says:

      Lexi Bailey Yeah, his is a prettier color. But other than that they are identical. I don’t see how this can be legal if he made a custom mold just for _his_ brand to use. Like he said, the only way they could have the _exact same_ component (other than his factory sharing, which wasn’t the case) was to scan it and make a mold from that which again, I don’t see how this can be legal!!

    • Lexi Bailey says:

      @Luv2LuvEm I’m also sorry if my information is messed up because I don’t fully understand lawsuits but I do think he should take legal action about this.

    • Cakeybunny69 says:

      Luv2LuvEm definitely think they made a mold

    • Vicki Noble says:

      Manny’s has an opal-like finish.

  4. Kassandra OB says:

    This isn’t trivial at all Manny. You put your heart and soul into your brand. I’m going to your website now and am going to make a purchase in support of you. 😘 Hang in there.

    • true feminist free thinker provocateur says:

      Wtf…yes it’s so fucking trivial. Manny is a decent person. All that glitz and glam and he is still cognizant of the fact that his problems are trivial as fuck now compared to marginalized communities. It’s people like you living in bubbles that need to be popped that have the biggest problem.

  5. Connie Carmona says:

    KVD called them out years ago for doing a palette just like hers, same shade same order same layout . everything was the same

    • Angel Night says:

      Connie Carmona and the worst part is, everyone gave her so much crap about it.

    • Amanda Cefaratti says:

      Connie Carmona I mean I don’t support KVD but I did feel bad for her. I still don’t support her or MUR though. Their products aren’t even good anymore. They used to have decent product but they’ve gone downhill! I’m convinced some of their formulas have changed.

    • Manda Eddy says:

      Connie Carmona You’re 100% correct. Can’t stand KVD, but she was right on that one.

    • WitchyGlam Fam says:

      Another huda

    • Allyson Sixx says:

      Connie Carmona yup. I remember that. It was the KVD Shade & Light palette and the MUR Light & Shade palette. They even lined up the shades exactly the same. The difference in performance was vast though. Manny did a dupes comparison video on these 2 palettes. too.

  6. Marie Motionless says:

    For those saying “iTs jUst aN aFfOrDaBlE dUpE”, imagine putting your heart and soul into something only to have it stolen by someone who has the funds to literally do anything they wanted. It’s fucked up fr

    • true feminist free thinker provocateur says:

      All these people getting super upset about this should take economics and learn how America’s markets are driven. I bet manny is going to have an increase in highlighters sells by everyone sympathy purchase. That will have a positive impact on his stocks. MUR will make a killing off of bringing affordable products to the masses. Lmao at how upset ppl get on the behalf of an influencer. Parasocial relationships are not healthy.

    • Schmoozetube says:

      My comment was deleted so let me word this differently. An indie makeup company with a dark crescent satellite logo probably feels the same way.

    • MsButterFlySting80 says:

      @true feminist free thinker provocateur only one issue with your last statement. MUR is based in the U.K.
      There are so many monopolies in the state of Alaska, but the wording is such that it’s to be ensured that doesn’t happen? Intellectual property? Patents? Meh. American markets have been & always will be about the dollar, how to get it, & to step over anyone in the way. Sad, but true.

    • Isabel Garcia says:


    • Bea Lleva says:


  7. Aimee Soto says:

    I’m glad you’re speaking about this, now please remember this next time you want to support Huda beauty and other brands that steal from indie brands. I’m on your side and beauty bakeries side!

  8. Breanna Rachael says:

    Bought your highlighter because I seen the packaging and was obsessed, the formula was a plus! So yes please gives us the black packaging!🖤

  9. GeauxTigers 516 says:

    I would get an attorney who specializes in intellectual property.

  10. Decisions Tiffani says:

    Absolutely take action! Makeup rev needs to prove “WHEN WHERE HOW” they “created” their design. You work too hard. It ain’t no dupe😤 Also was there a leak from factory???🤨 in the meantime …cease and desist biiiisshhhh

  11. Jonathan Requillo says:

    You have the engineering drawings, it’s time to call auntie Sue…

  12. Gabby Scott says:

    You put your heart and soul into a design that you loved. You’re NOT overreacting! They 100% stole it. No ifs, ands, or buts.

  13. Crislyn Felix says:

    When I seen the black component from your camera role from April 2019, it made me so sad to see you working for so long on something you really care about and them just stealing it.

  14. hailsnail says:

    This just makes me want Manny’s highlighter.

  15. Maggie Bailey says:

    Sue the heeeellllll out of them. That’s insanity.

  16. Dark Angel says:

    Do moon and star shapes. That are magnetic. And the more u have, the mire of a galaxy it turns into

  17. mgtrz89 says:

    “A lot of people were commenting, ALOT of people were commenting” I couldn’t help but hear Rosas voice

  18. Allie Z says:

    Honestly I never buy their products I got a pallete once for christmas and the shadows sucked so bad I just gave it away to someone on fb to get rid of it. You keep your head up and everything will work out I honestly feel you may be right though onthe 3d printer thing and i cant wait to buy YOUR OTHER CUSTOM ITEMS! ♡

  19. bellajello234 says:

    Honestly he’s being so calm and respectful about this, id be losing my shit and pissed 😂

  20. TechyTabs says:

    Side note: Moving your blush and contour higher up on your cheekbones is doing wonders for your face ; you look great! 😍

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