I no longer care for sports

I no longer care for sports

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hello how’s it going. This cartoon is done and now you are watching it. Isn’t that wild? yes. I hope you like this one. It’s about the times I played sports. I played basketball, baseball… I am just realizing right now that baseball is called base ball because you run around the bases… wow. I really just didn’t know that this whole time. Anyway I also did skiing and track and field. I was bad at everything I did. I also talk about how I’m really bad at golf, but I am kind of thinking listening back to it that you kinda had to be there for that one. I think I’ve come a long way when it comes to making these videos but oof sometimes I just fall right on my face when it comes to telling stories. But it’s all about improvement right? I’ll just do better next time 🙂

I find that I am not really big into competitive stuff. Sports being one thing, but video games too. I like more casual games like minecraft. I used to be big into league of legends, but haven’t played in years. It was so toxic, so now I just play block game 🙂 and make block house.

thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.

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44 Responses

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich says:

    Also I have a shorts channel 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KVHFHpCwujbw2TfKnQ3uQ

  2. Haminations says:

    Take my hand Andy, and together we will rule the land of anti sport sentiment 🤝

  3. Infamous Swoosh says:

    alright andy basketball 1v1 me and you let’s go

  4. Saucy Potato says:

    he has returned, and he is about to conquer youtube.

  5. hamborger says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that his hair has bones

  6. Jojo39 says:

    “at this point I was a little older”
    *bone cracking noise
    that’s actually a good representation of getting older

  7. Jesus Tejeda says:

    That THOONK of a dodgeball is the single most universal concept of childhood

  8. Rafe Goodyear says:

    I like how all of his stories eventually come back to the one phrase:
    Food is good

  9. FireRuby1 says:

    “Artists don’t wanna move, they just wanna draw” THANK YOU🤣🤙🏻because I can sit in a chair and draw for 7 hours straight and if someone wants me to get out of the house I get angry

  10. VEE3RDEYE says:

    i now know the rules to baseball

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