I Ordered the 5 most VIRAL Tiktok Products

I Ordered the 5 most VIRAL Tiktok Products

Tiktok made me buy it all… lots of deals and lots of disasters! We have everything from beautiful dresses, to mini objects you can actually use.
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I Bought MORE viral Tiktok products:

I bought viral Tiktok DRESSES:

and EVEN MORE viral Tiktok products:

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31 Responses

  1. Audrey says:

    The printed jeans are so cute! I’m so sad that they didn’t arrive. I also love the mini blender. Love these tic tok review videos because scams exist and are a real thing. I also would hate to order those cute jeans and have them never come. Love your videos hope!💕

  2. Cindy B says:

    “I don’t know where I am going to wear this, but…” Girl, Cheesecake Factory!!! Haha! That dress is amazing on you! I am glad you decided to commit. Love the product reviews!

  3. Xavier says:

    Everytime I see her I get the strong urge to color my hair pink! ♡ she looks stunning!

  4. Franek Frankowski says:

    Can we appreciate how Hope spends so much money just to tell us if the product is worth buying. Love your videos Hope

    • CNoelle says:

      You know she gets it back in video revenue right? She wouldn’t be spending money if she wasn’t making it back. I’m sure she potentially returns stuff from old videos too.

  5. Eleah Church says:

    Let’s all take a moment t recognize how mush work and humour Hope puts into these videos just for so let’s all say thank you!

  6. Michelle B says:

    That ribbon is actually pretty smart to stop people from wearing then returning. I’m sure someone will find a way around it.

  7. Tatiana López says:

    i’ve been having a rough few weeks lately and recently found your channel. been binge watching alllll your videos because your energy is so nice and just makes me feel good. thank you for all the effort you put into these 🤍

    • MW arts says:

      @Shannon Stevens same

    • Rylee Coustley says:

      I’m having the same time and have done the same thing.
      One of the best creators I’ve found! I wish I found her earlier 😍

    • Shannon Stevens says:

      I don’t work out, I don’t wear leggings, I don’t have tik tok, and Kardashians bore me…. yet I’m addicted to watching hope! She’s like doing a shot of sunshine, she makes me smile, and Leo and Tyler are so fun too. I just had major surgery and she’s how I cheer myself up 😊

  8. Kathleen Christodoulou says:

    I love how hope buys things for us so we can see if we like it ❤️

  9. Sarah Kalnajs says:

    The color wow product is actually fantastic for covering gray roots between salon appointments. I’ve been using it for more years than I’d like to admit lol!

    • Spoonie Beauty says:

      Clariol makes one that I use, when I can’t find a true matte black eyeshadow, which is basically what it is. And definitely less than $35

    • Leposava Bouvier says:

      wouldn’t powder foundation work as well? depending on the haircolour of course.

  10. Thursday Reed says:

    I love it when she roasts business and also buys sketchy products from strange websites so we do not have to and do not get scammed.

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