I Paid People $70,000 To Finish My Painting

I Paid People $70,000 To Finish My Painting

This was insane and really fun to make
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40 Responses

  1. ZHC says:

    Subscribe if you haven’t already and you might win $10,000 from me! I’m serious, I said it as part of a challenge in the video!

  2. Bobsta says:

    Kid: *draws a line*

    ZHC: “Here’s 70K!”

  3. ZHC Crafts says:

    i like giving stuff to people 🙂

  4. gamer_kid says:

    Bruh remember when he called himself a starving artist this man is rich now he is amazing

  5. Funmbi Osineye says:

    ZHC : what are you going to spend it on?
    Boy: umm I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
    Mother: COLLEGE

  6. Forest In Focus says:

    ZHC: What do you want to spend the money on?
    Little boy: Ummm, I don’t kno- *cut off by mom*
    Mom: *COLLEGE*

  7. gamerboi says:

    Fun fact: If ZHC clickbait’s he does more than the title 😂

  8. Leo Mahalo says:

    Wish I was part of this.. 🔥😮

  9. Leo Mahalo Shorts says:

    we need to do a challenge like this again bro!! 🙌🏼

  10. Can I get 50k with videos? says:

    How much money do you spend on art?

    ZHC: *yes*

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