I painted the universe on my ceiling

I painted the universe on my ceiling

I T S B E E N 8 4 D A Y S S I N C E I ‘ V E S E E N S U N L I G H T




I ‘ M S U F F O C A T I N G I N M Y O W N O D O U R

just kidding I’m actually really enjoying alone time. Thank god I’m not an extrovert.

If you want to translate the video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p…

With love,

Gal Gadon’t sing if you can’t

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61 Responses

  1. Payton DeCrenza says:

    God while making me: “is it Patchy, crusty, musty, and dusty? Yes… But well call it *fLaVoR* “

  2. Ella Preena says:

    John Cena: We’re moving

    Me: *packs bags to move to Canada and buy that god damn house without my parents permission cause they’d probably say no* this is a great plan

  3. To all The purple people says:

    “I’m literally losing my marbles”

    You can’t do that when you are a marble Joana

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    Just Joana things: When your dad has a PhD in human physiology but you can’t find out how to stretch your neck

  5. COFFEE BEAN says:

    “Careful y’all. Egg head on the loose.”-My brother

    • Gacha Demy says:

      soldiermaanSZN oof why the hell did i click you got me ;-; i just clicked because i knew it was fake but i still got suprised

  6. Seetu says:

    What Jesus gonna do during apocalypse?
    Me: Probably gonna shave his head, paint the universe again and hatch some quails to send to Noah’s ship.
    He Sounds like Joana pretty much.

  7. u wot m8 says:

    I feel like brunette Joana, blond Joana and bald Joana all have different energies

  8. Anwesha the alien says:

    She better rip out her ceiling and her wall if she ever moves

  9. C_Zeffero says:

    When you forget that Joana shaved her head and don’t realize that she’s bald until the video is already at 1:30. wHeLp

  10. Marcos says:

    Joen: My pants.
    Me, knowing Jonah can’t hear me: Your pants.
    Joen: My pants.
    Me: Your pants.
    Joen: I think we can all agree on—my pants.
    Me: Yes, we agree—your pants.

  11. Rota Klētniece says:

    So nobody talking about how joana just a year ago- was a sweet girl, her room was pinkish vibin. AND NOW she the baddy w shaved head and a frigin black sealing. I’ll tell you what- I am losing my marbles, not you joanna.
    Thank you that is all i have to say
    P.s. I love your kids.

  12. Foot Fungus says:

    Joana: I should paint my ceiling
    The online school that she is avoiding: _There_ _is no one here besides me. I am lonely_

  13. caroline1775 says:

    ‘”i started this with hair, a blank celing and no children”‘ ultimate dating app slogan for the win

  14. Kerem says:

    The ceddia household members

    – joana
    – the pink glasses
    – the ceiling
    – the wall
    – qelly
    – mother goose
    – joanas dad
    – the other quails
    (recently moved out)

    – joanas hair

  15. Lolo .S says:

    She looks like the “that’s not vegan” lady

  16. Ellie Bennett says:

    See I’m open to other people’s opinions but… The fact that flat earthers once said that they have supporters aLL *AROUND* THE *GLOBE* ??!!? Care to explain? 😂

  17. Hrvatica 5 says:

    “My neck”
    * inhales and thinks a little *
    “My back”
    Me and my disguested mind:

  18. lee ainsworth says:

    Joana’s neck: is sore
    Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel: but imagine how tired we are

  19. Andrei Santos says:

    She looks like an underrated character in “The Walking Dead”. 😂😂

    • Claire Rose says:

      She looks like the character in any movie that everyone thinks is annoying, and they try to convince you to hate them. But the entire audience loves them becaus they are actually the only good character.

  20. Lydia Lemmo says:

    Has anyone noticed how much joana touches her head while she talks now that she’s bald

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