I painted with nail polish

I painted with nail polish

Yes. I am in pain.

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  1. Ella Savelson says:

    why is nobody talking about the “that may be racist that may also be racist” how excellent is that

  2. Aliya says:

    Painting my nails with nail polish: *takes decades to dry

    Painting a canvas with nail polish: * drys in split 2 seconds

  3. i wOn'T hEsiTatE biTch says:

    “I Accidentally Snorted Nail Polish”

    -written and filmed by Jackie Chan


    P!nk – as 24 pinks
    Thanos – as 18 purples
    BLuEfAcE bAbY – as 16 blues
    Shrek – as 13 greens
    Selena Gomez – as 5 bronzzezzezzezezez
    Toilet – as 5 silvers

    Spooderman – as 4 reds
    Bob the Minion – as 4 yellows
    Cheeto – as 3 oranges
    Grandma Hair – as 3 grays
    That Might Be Racist – as 2 blacks
    That Might Also Be Racist – as 1 beige

  4. Blueslayboy says:

    cristine should see thissssss because she’s in pain because of her nail break

  5. Eva Games08 says:

    “I don’t know anyone who has holographic skin”


  6. ME Music_05 says:

    Joana getting high off of nail polish fumes*

  7. RactupusRex says:

    i thought “damn that painting probably stinky” and then she smelled it lol

  8. Helen says:

    Listen, John Canada. As someone who was an artist their entire life, fell in love with oil painting in high school and submitted a portfolio to a top art school, only to given a scholarship, without actually getting accepted, AND taking a design intro course in college, only to be crushed by my peers…….YOU ARE TALENTED. Don’t ever stop painting or criticizing yourself, or improving yourself……that is all….

  9. toledo says:

    “Hair terrifies me, it never looks right” you don’t say

  10. Dia Mittal says:

    Joana: painting a painting with nail polishes


  11. Larissa Sunde says:

    Joana saying that she has never taken a professional art class was the biggest flex oh my goodness

  12. Toxy Tullah says:

    I think that John cena is physically incapable of being bored

  13. Potato Youtube says:

    “I don’t want to sounds like Gabbie Hanna defending her bad poetry”. All I can say is, i c o n i c

  14. timtamicorn26 says:

    Joana: I can’t think of anyone with holographic skin
    Cristine: Sure about that

  15. Baylee Austin says:

    “i don’t know who has holographic skin”

    me: laughs in Simplynailogical

  16. Eleanor says:

    “you can smell this through the screen”
    me: omg wow i can! that’s crazy!
    also me: is painting my nails

  17. iibeigee says:

    nobody: absolutely nobody:
    joana: rEalLy gO hAm wIth thE lAyErS

  18. Carolyn says:

    “nail polish dries in like point two seconds“
    me: hAVE yOu EvEr pAiNTed YouR NaiLs

  19. Thibo Meurkens says:

    “Where there is a problem, there is ALWAYS a company trying to make money.”
    -Joana Ceddia 2020

  20. Daydream Lullaby says:

    “I don’t want to sound like Gabbie Hanna defending her bad poetry.”
    – John Chin

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