I Performed Insane Experiments on Bonnie in BONEWORKS VR!

I Performed Insane Experiments on Bonnie in BONEWORKS VR!

Welcome back to BONEWORKS VR! Today’s test subject is Bonnie! While performing insane experiments on him, Glitchtrap decided to be a menace and ruin everything.
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Big thank you to the Super Fans!
Old_Gamer Lady
♥︎ c o w
Nicole Jernigan-Robinson
Ian Sharlow
Kiya Vasear
Melissa unboxing
Ken Kaneki
Goochie lea

Mods used:
Custom FNaF mods by @DarkSwitchPro
Glitchtrap Player Model by @Oragani
Syringe mod by TrevTV
Rainbow Katana
Gravity Hammer


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21 Responses

  1. griffinsummoner says:

    It seriously seemed like Glitchtrap was a silent other player at times (fetching the hammer, making out with Chica, etc). You sure you’re not using the multiplayer mod without telling us? 😉

  2. Boosh says:

    This was the best one so far lol

  3. gaproo274 says:

    glitchtrap spanking springtrap is the last thing i needed to see before dying

  4. Chrome Maskqurae says:

    ‘I now picture glitch trap taking multiple clones of the same animatronic and creating some sort of brand new animatronic that is just made out of the clones that were hit with the bone break syringe… Glitch trap knows that the animatronic he made doesn’t work by itself but he will still try to find a way to annoy Jeaire with it’ – Chrome

  5. Help says:

    We need glitchtrap in more videos now.

  6. Grey777pig says:

    I can’t wait for you to continue security breach what do you think of it so far

  7. Miss Dire says:

    What I would give to play that Glitchtrap or Vanny part. 🤣

  8. andrell martinez says:

    This is so funny how glitch trap can even do anything now just watch like a dog and attack

  9. Laura Likes Potato Nuggets says:

    This was very entertaining to watch ^o^

  10. Laken Simmons says:

    10:54 Bonnie’s jaw dropped literally and I’m still laughing because of it

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