I played 8 Souls-Like games you’ve never heard of (AGAIN)

I played 8 Souls-Like games you’ve never heard of (AGAIN)

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episode 16 of Steam Dumpster Diving with somehow, once again, even more “souls-likes” you (probably) haven’t heard of
twitter: https://twitter.com/IronPineapple_
twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iron_pineapple

0:00 Intro
0:24 Clash: Artifacts of Chaos
8:49 Knights of the Kitchen Table
11:51 Weird RPG
15:22 Blind Fate: Edo no Yami
19:51 Warhaven
24:31 Path of the Faoladh
28:22 Mandragora
32:05 Pain Party
36:45 outro/sponsor

also big thanks for help from:
GoogleyGareth for animating the intro sequence: https://www.youtube.com/@googleygareth
Onua for creating the SFM pose of the knight in the thumbnail: https://twitter.com/Odynom

games played (in order of appearance)

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35 Responses

  1. JoCat says:

    boy I hope mandragora gets some good work done on it, the style and animation is gorgeous it’d be a shame if it continues to suffer mechanically

  2. StealthGamer 87 says:

    “I don’t have any dice”
    “then I’ve already won, I get to hit you first”
    “One of those sentences is true” is oddly the most badass thing I’ve heard in any recent game

  3. James Coyne says:

    The first game is really impressive and the art style is so cool. I’d love to see a big budget game come from that developer with that combat and style

    • Omega says:

      @Stavi_Deluxe Damn, I have both Zeno Clashes but I didn’t realize they also made Abyss Odyssey. So yeah, they’re pretty solid overall.

    • Stavi_Deluxe says:

      ACE team are pretty Goated imo, their games often lack polish but are really cool, i play them all; the only dud has been Sol Seraph. I would recommend you give Zeno Clash 2 a try, it’s defo their most polished attempt, (it’s only real flaw is that it’s a little short) or Abyss Odyssey, though A0 combat is just not quite there, feeling a little floaty but it makes up for it in superb art, style and a pretty addictive structure.

    • micah lindley says:

      Looks like an Oddworld game.

    • Mauricio Aguilera says:

      A producer that would give them a bigger budget wouldn’t let them be as wacky and “out there” as they usually are with their games

  4. XM Gaming says:

    I actually worked on Knights of the Kitchen Table as a sound designer, it was a student project at the college I went to. I made background music they didn’t keep so nothing I made ended up in the final game, but it’s still surreal to see it here!

  5. Jameserton says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Zeno Clash. Such a bizarre, one of a kind game.

  6. xEn3my says:

    May this series never end

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The voice activated ability is so freaking cool, I already imagine shouting like an anime character each time I activate my ultra in any game

  8. Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト says:

    The first game just radiates with God Hand energy with Oddworld Odyssey aesthetic . And the voice acting is actually good.

  9. SherlockScones says:

    Weird RPG is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in gaming in ages. The potential for a game like that if it was actually taken seriously to create an immersive and massive unique world is incredible.

    • Matthew says:

      I played this game before. The gimmick wears off quickly. There aren’t many items with interesting mechanics in the game. There like less than 10 ive seen with something “unique”. Its still mostly just a really generic and ugly diablo clone with mobile ui. All the enemies are generic, all the environments are generic, and worst of all it is grindy as you get further in. You cant just add a handful of silly items and all of sudden claim your game is “weird”.

    • wykydytron says:

      It’s kinda boring tho and after first world if choose to go to wrong world you will have to grind from start or restart game as you absolutely will not be able to progress. It has potential but it’s little too grindy.

    • Baki says:

      exactly what i thought we need those kind of game, its a brease of fresh air

    • Gamer 1000 Mc says:

      At first I didn’t get it but then the microphone control part came and yes

      The developer just decided that he would follow the rule of cool and do crack while doing it lmao

  10. DryRoastedLemon says:

    Dude, I love ACE Team. I was all over them back in the day because of how surrealist their work is. It doesn’t seem as solid as Zeno Clash (even though that was buggy as well), but I still love their world design. Another game they made which I liked a lot is Abyss Odyssey.

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