I Played Diablo 4 Beta.. My HONEST Thoughts

I Played Diablo 4 Beta.. My HONEST Thoughts

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34 Responses

  1. Wes Maxey says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that this video was done in a single take. Well done sir.

  2. Patrick V says:

    I liked the story and gameplay in D4 a lot more than previous games. D1 & 2 will always be my favorites since I’ve played them for over 20 years, but when I was playing the beta, wow, I was really drawn in to how great it was. The sorcerer was by far my favorite class, that might be biased since I’ve always played that class in every game, but I found it much more fun that Barb and Rogue.

    • se7enhaender says:

      ​@Ro7ard Guy thinks he already knows what’ll be meta for a game that ain’t even out yet…

    • AS says:

      @Sterling Archer cool cool. i only played sorc – this coming up weekend im gonna give baba a go

    • Sterling Archer says:

      @AS  I did not but I heard! But that was my point really….my soso build wasn’t weak, by 20 I had no issues with anything and cleared quickly…

      But the Barb surprised me! As someone who played d2 Barb and found it weak, to D3 where it could be powerful but I didn’t enjoy the gameplay…to D4! Barb felt like an absolute monster, well more so than Sorc.

    • AS says:

      @Sterling Archer did you try chain lightning? chain lightning was ridiculously strong haha

  3. Bruno Paludo says:

    From a point in my life when I get around 5 – 10h of gameplay weekly, I like the idea of simplification of systems. If I want to change builds, I don’t want to have to completely go out of my way and lose all of my progress to try out new specs, new gameplay styles. If it takes 30h to make something work, some people may need 3 to 4 days of gaming to achieve it, but to me it would take a month. Although I know it is hard to balance casual players (and I have to settle that this is me now) and tryhard gamers experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the beta, since I had fun in the process of leveling, and combat felt good from level 3 or 4 forward. I hope in the end game there is enough fun for both casual and tryhard players!

    • Colorado Woodworking says:

      Well said. I’m in the same boat. I do want some scaling endgame that will keep me playing. Hell they can even charge a small fee for the season to keep food on the devs tables, just keep it moving forward.

    • Keith C says:

      @s Man I really got into Destiny 2, but ultimately I ended up spending more time in my character screen hyper-optimizing my character than I did actually playing the game. I’d still play it to this day if I could casually turn it on and jump into gameplay, but unfortunately it requires 30 minutes of running virtual errands before you can play anything.
      I really hope Diablo stays away from the chores/errands that so many games fall victim to.

    • s Man says:

      Same here actuslly as i got older i seem to appreciate the simpler games more so

    • Keith C says:

      Casual gamer here – I’m really hoping this will be a game I can enjoy for a handful of hours every week.

  4. MessiusOnline says:

    I like when he does personal reviews and takes outside its refreshing and pretty sincere in a take.

  5. Jodyr says:

    I just really like that they implemented the dodge roll which the console version of D3 already had. It feels so smooth and it’s just a nice thing to not always use a slot for a movement ability, I still do that but I can imagine making a build without one. Also just all the possibilities to play a character are amazing with the different skills and gear. Switched my rouge from being a full on Hunter with a crossbow to a ninja dashing around the battlefield and both felt amazing. I really like things being simple since my problem with PoE was always: Oh new season, time to pick a build and follow it cause refunding costs money or a lot of grinding with a build I do not like.

  6. NotYetRated says:

    Good take. I’m also not fully judging the game on Act 1 but I do hope the endgame is atleast somewhat fun. Also hoping to see some kind of roadmap and more communication like we’ve had with Dragonflight from the WoW team, it would atleast put some concerns to rest.

    You should try also try Last Epoch, I think it’s an underdog that will grow out to something big, maybe not now, but in 2 years from now or so.

  7. artspraken says:

    Asmongold is the only streamer that can talk about computer games whilst sitting in a treehouse, and everything completely makes sense.

  8. Phillip Bell says:

    Personally I love the simplicity. Some games can pull off being very complicated but I just get tired of having to look up full guides and things for games all the time. Nice to have a kind of brain shut off game.

    • Raynaud says:

      I just don’t have the time like I used to… so it’s nice being able to be casual… I’m too old for leaderboard chasing now

    • RmX says:

      @Barcasaur Agree, looking up the guide is brain shut off

    • Barcasaur says:

      Looking up a guide is brain shut off. A game that allows you to just play it is actually less brain off regardless of the complexity. People will still just copy builds either way.

    • greyngo says:

      Yeah. I’m one of the people who prefer diablo 3 over path of exile.
      There’s just too many mechanics etc in PoE. Sure, I was late to the party. But a game shouldn’t be only for those who were in early.

    • bike4aday says:

      Too much complexity is just delaying the inevitable comprehension of the game. You want enough complexity that it’s flexible, but not so much that you have to get a PhD in the game to comprehend it. What’s more important imo is the skill ceiling. Having 2 people with the same build yet one is significantly better at playing due to mechanics and situational knowledge – that’s where the gold is.

  9. Kamishikyo says:

    Hey Asmond, the drops you were getting are regular legendaries, not uniques. Uniques only drop in world tier 3 and 4, with more of them being locked to 4. After legendaries come sacred legendaries, then ancestral legendaries. Sacred items only drop in world tier 3 and above while ancestral is world tier 4 exclusive. The world tier statue has all this info when you check the difficulties. Also, the occultist is where you craft sigils to do the Poe mapping end game (nightmare dungeons).

    • Kamishikyo says:

      @sobytrapgg lol The reasons for people being in full legendaries could be for 2 reasons. 1) We’re all new to this game, and it’s very common to believe that a higher rarity will be better so we automatically switch to it. 2) Adding an aspect to a rare converts it to a legendary.

      I found myself more interested in the rares than legendaries. Which I think is probably intentional, I have found very strong rares that I end up slapping an aspect to it, making it god tier. I was also able to swap an attribute for a +1 to specific skills when it already had two +2 on it.

      I think in the end game, we will be looking for rares as a base item and legendaries for their powers to make a very strong item when combined. Also, if you think about it, you have a higher chance of finding really great rolls on a rare since it drops more often than a legendary. For a legendary to be good, it has to have good rolls and legendary power. Overall, there is less rng with rares than legendaries, that’s how I see it.

      There’s really good potential for rares in the future, and I think the community as a whole will recognize it once the game comes out 😀

    • Ix says:

      Who is Asmond?

    • sobytrapgg lol says:

      That good to hear but still though i wish the game give rare more love since right now all people are using legendary and from what i know only gear with rare/blue/white can be traded. And we all know trading is part of endgame. I wish the legendary have same number of prefix to rare but legendary have special aspect. So from this at least rare is still useful for trading and transfer aspect. Right now all gear beside legendary is trash beside salvaging them. I hope they change it before full release so the trading is alive for endgame.

    • Cryptical says:

      You get uniques from killing special elites like and The Butcher

  10. Tony says:

    I had a ton of fun with the Sorc this weekend and can’t wait to check out the Druid next weekend! Excellent video, very well thought out and said. Very much hoping they can figure out a way to make the game have longevity!

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