I Played Games Nobody Should Play

I Played Games Nobody Should Play

These are the best games ever made!!..
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33 Responses

  1. LazarBeam says:

    sorry took me 2 months to edit my bad

  2. ItsMateo says:

    Lemme guess, half the comments are gonna say “can we just appreciate how this content never fails to entertain us?”

  3. Vuk Usina says:

    I love these types of vids lol he is truly a comedy goldmine

  4. Astro Time says:

    3:06 closest thing we’ll get to Lazarbeam playing an actual horror game

  5. Soffy Vlogs says:

    there needs to be an actual fully fledged triple A game like the plane simulator one, where u can actually go to the airport in the game and u would actually have to sit the exact amount of hours real time when going to a specific country like in our real world, and make it online where u can interact with ur fellow passengers(real people) and get to know them, plus u can see what they are watching on the mini tv the planes have that would be sick, and obvioulsy when u reach ur destination u can go through everything to get out of the airport, and discover locations meet new people etc that would be sick


    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content, he is my fav YouTuber 100%

  7. Vickram Singh says:

    missed these types of videos where you play random games and put your twist on it for great lazar content.

  8. Soffy Vlogs says:

    Ahhhhhhh love to see the lazar doing and/or playing some stupid shit! Was a Great vid to listen to while I work, keep it up my bro! ❤

  9. ScienceKai says:

    Congrats on #4 on trending for gaming bro, QUALITY CONTENT I’d expect nothing less from this legend

  10. Streambroken says:

    Lazarbeam: “Why does he have tissues everywhere on his floor, has he been crying?
    The owner of the house: Ah yes “crying” totally not something else.

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