I Played Gorilla Tag 2…

I Played Gorilla Tag 2…

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In this jmancurly video, I play a bunch of rec room games that are like gorilla tag fan games and knock offs


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don’t.

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29 Responses

  1. jmancurly says:


  2. StarvingCheese says:

    Seeing Jman spookily saying I’m going to ban you while running at Elliot with a stick is a memeory that will live in my head rent free

  3. ComRats says:

    I love how realistic these games are

  4. Acorn says:

    The fact that he said “ no horror today!” But then ended up playing horror was hilarious😂

  5. YoungestYoutuber says:

    This dude makes us smile every damn time😎

  6. AQ_Rabid says:

    Love the content jman! Keep it up

  7. Sports and stuff says:

    It’s ok Jman we have to understand that it does take a while to upload and make a a video he is awesome for the funny content he takes the time out of his day to make for us you are amazing and know that it’s ok take the time you need bc these videos are just so funny and you always make my day even when you were at 700k you are still my #1

  8. Miniclixfn says:


  9. Finnboyd says:

    Is it just me or has Jman gotten addicted to narrating his videos? lol

  10. Charlie Becker says:

    I love the content you put out to make us happy, keep it up you will make it to 2M subs in not time

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