I Played Pokémon as an Electric Gym Leader

I Played Pokémon as an Electric Gym Leader

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I played Pokemon as Galar’s first Electric type gym leader!
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Edited by Katie Rose
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38 Responses

  1. MandJTV Plays says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: https://clik.cc/S90qp and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    also if you remember me designing myself as an Electric Galar gym leader in that video on my other channel years ago, then thanks for sticking around long enough to remember that! you should sub to this channel in addition to the other one 🙂

    • Octoburst says:

      At 3:04 I got nuzlocke war flashbacks because I lost a Joltik in a dynamax battle with the Eldegoss.

    • VNDT_Bolton_Gaming Riley says:

      @Ember the Porg! ttt

    • Rocheldc Manongsong1819 says:

      Omg finally you post a electric type pokemon video I like electric type pokemon

    • Madara Op says:

      Hey Mikey I love the videos a whole lot, I had an idea for your next vid tho. I was hoping you could watch and review a video called Pokemon battle royale by terminal montage. I figured you’d enjoy the newest one with ultra beasts because miltank is done dirty a whole lot. And keep up the amazing work you do.😃👍

    • ARCADE- SMASHER says:

      Would be neat if you made a discord event where you let your subscribers challenge your gym and play against your team.

  2. Regrettable Muffin says:

    I love that mikey tells stories in his playthroughs instead of just “electric monotype run”

  3. Hebi says:

    Today happens to be Sword and Shield’s 3 year anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years. This game had a lot of faults but it was very fun!

  4. Nick .G says:

    This video made me really wish we could see all of the minor league leaders that didn’t cut the gym challenge in the games. After Klara and Avery, this concept should have been worked upon more.

    • Nick .G says:

      @Awesome Person And you see them along the story in the gyms. They’re gym challengers.

    • Awesome Person says:

      @Mark Crazeer They go by the Title of Challenger, not Gym Leader, unlike Klara/Avery

    • Mark Crazeer says:

      Yea, they should have made two completely different set of gym leaders for each game. And made a post game feature where you can check out the minor league leaders and inspect their puzzle design and battle prowess as the champion.

      I am reasonably certain we do meet the minor league leaders in the form of those random type specialists in the league rematch and star tournament they just don’t have any unique designs.

  5. n l says:

    “I’m feeling cocky and shocky” is now my new favorite MandJTV quote

  6. Paradox_Vtuber says:

    Let’s go! You always manage to make even these typical challenges super entertaining!

  7. Nicki O'Leary says:

    Love that the electric Mikey is basically the most chill of his personas

  8. APJ TV says:

    Something I’ve always enjoyed about these character playthroughs is they do feel like individual characters, even if they’re all just Michael having fun.

  9. TheHourman says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one!!!!! Great play through to end off gen 8

  10. Brian Fulciniti says:

    Literally laughed out loud at Grunty Boy’s “I’m gonna be an elf.”

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