I Played Roblox for the First Time…

I Played Roblox for the First Time…

Grian plays roblox for the first (and last) time. I spent the whole time confused and I won’t be playing again

Thank you to @SolidarityGaming and @SmallishBeans for trying to figure out what a roblox is with me. Still none the wiser.

This is a bonus video that used an editor for the first time (which is why the style is a little different!) so I had more prepared for my trip away!

Should I try other games?

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  1. Tyler Lloyd says:

    I love this alternative style of video, because for better or for worse a lot of your viewers watch for Hermit craft. But having some alternative videos like this can give something to watch outside of your basic Minecraft video. I also believe it’s a good thing to diversify by this, as I imagine doing constant Minecraft is fairly draining.

  2. Grian says:

    Let’s stick to Minecraft, ey? Reminder that this was a one-off video to help me prepare for my 3 week trip away (which is why an editor is helpful with that)! I definitely won’t be playing this game again but it was fun to try some other stuff.

    • Dei-Dei ^^ says:

      Love the editing of this video 😂😂😂😂

    • Eric Nielsen says:

      should have done a tycoon to get a real expirence lol

    • V0m1tcuPc4k3z_Uwu *°·° says:

      thank goodness

    • TheMicrowave says:

      I thought I should mention after hearing you say “who makes these weird games” that most, if not all, Roblox games are designed and coded by young children. This is a relatively easy and straight forward way for children interested in game and software programming to get started exploring these fields, and all of the “pay to win” game passes and powerups make these young developers money. it teaches kids object oriented programming using Lua script which has a very forgiving syntax compared to JavaScript or like c++ or C#. I’m sure someone already commented this but I’m too lazy to look. hopefully you see this!

    • Sudhakaran Kaliyamoorthy says:


  3. Cluemily says:

    This was really silly, and it seems like the editor had a LOT of fun on this. It’s not something I’d watch often but a rare video here and there is worth a wee giggle. It seems to work really well with these sort of collab videos with others around.

  4. dashstar says:

    i’m so in love with the way this video is edited, it perfectly encapsulates what goes on in grian’s mind- we need more of this!!!

  5. Hector Rajado Sanchez says:

    Editor appreciation. The editor really went all out on this video and made it hilarious. Give them a raise

  6. uxrx says:

    as someone who has been playing roblox for 8 years and is also an avid grian viewer, it went exactly as expected

  7. Ender says:

    The fact that the editor kept Joel’s kind of swearing in makes it for me, you never see that in any of Grians videos so it just makes it so much funnier for me

  8. Zegner says:

    The thing about Roblox in my experience is that one of the reasons you’re there is either because you enjoy the weird things created by the internet here and there, or you found something legitimately good that caters probably only to you and makes you want to play it every now and then because you had genuine fun in it somehow. And yeah you get **very** easily overwhelmed sometimes so good move getting someone that actually knows about the place to guide you a little.

    The genuinely good ones most likely don’t even require you to spend a dime on them to make them fun, heck, they don’t even throw the thing at you in the face! so that’s always neat.

    So in conclusion, Roblox can be like hell sometimes, but the thing about human beings is that we can make even in hell a home for ourselves, it’s always about finding that weird, silly place both outside, and inside.

  9. Lane Robertson says:

    The best part was Grian forgetting he’s British while making the call for emergency services.

  10. WateryMelon says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Grian play other games besides the usual minecraft. I’ve been a fan since S6 of hermitcraft and it’s really nice to see him mixing up the content a bit. Keep up the good work!

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