I PLAYED SEASON 12 EARLY! Testing Mad Maggie, Caustic nerf, New Hop Up, and MORE! (Apex Legends)

I PLAYED SEASON 12 EARLY! Testing Mad Maggie, Caustic nerf, New Hop Up, and MORE! (Apex Legends)

►Season 12 is almost here, and I was lucky enough to be able to have early access to it! The main objective was to record some Control gameplay, but I figured why not hop into the firing range to test some of the changes coming to Apex Legends?
Check out my video where I try out Mad Maggie in the new mode Control here: https://youtu.be/1CjdbDlIpSo

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi – https://www.twitch.tv/kandyrew
►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds

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42 Responses

  1. kandyrew says:

    TRYING OUT MAD MAGGIE EARLY IN NEW MODE CONTROL! Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/1CjdbDlIpSo

  2. RyKan says:

    Maggie with a pk + kinetic loader+ ult speed boost is going to be the craziest combo apex probably ever seen. Movement players are gonna go crazy in the new season

  3. Frontful says:

    I’ve always said the Alternator was underrated. It’s DPS may not be as high as the R-99 or the Volt, but the slower fire rate makes it really easy to control the recoil and its hipfire is insane

    • Ethan Donnelly says:

      @sauusa …..uhhhhhh, We using the same alternator?

      It’s not even close to the 301, and both are my babies, how do you find them similar?

    • sauusa says:

      It is basically a r301 with less accuracy (because of the double barrel) but with higher ads strafe speed.

    • SuperShekky says:

      @Basic Gamer DONKEY PEPE STOMP

    • Ethan Donnelly says:

      @Ben Davey what majority tho?

      The majority of people here? The majority of youtube watchers?

      When the gun was in the game with no hop ups it was passed up by everyone as soon as they found another SMG or AR. It was always the stop gap weapon and very few of us ever carried an Alt into late game if it didn’t have disruptors. Hell it’s one of my OG comfort picks, I ran it all the time and rarely swapped it out, but I practically never saw it used against me later.

      YouTube communities are a very small portion of a games player base, don’t forget the internet is designed to be an echo chamber, tossing like minded people together.

      That’s why even though you’ll find people online overwhelmingly advocating for one thing, literally hundreds or thousands of comments, it rarely gets done, It’s not because devs have ignored a majority, It’s because you’re speaking to a vocal minority.

      For every person that comments “Yeah it’s underrated” there’s a fuck tonne more people that either passed the comment by, or just never saw the video to begin with. Or have the opposite opinion elsewhere, like if this youtuber has the opinion that the guns over rated, most of his viewers will likely agree, not all but most, another Content creator that has the opposite opinion will often have their comments flooded by people that also think it’s underrated, because people pick streamers and creators that share their opinion, it validates their opinion so they watch those people.

      There’s basically nowhere online where you’ll ever be able to actually find a majority of the playerbase talking to each other, the majority of nearly every game is made of casual players, and most casual players don’t even watch this sorta stuff, they just play the game in their free time, they rarely give much of a fuck about it.

      I’ve always played games since I was a damn toddler and even I didn’t start watching videos about games until I was in my late teens, it was Titanfall 2 requiring me to learn movement skills that first put me onto informational videos and before that, I never bothered with them, and I’m definitely not a casual player.

      Majorities aren’t found online, just Majorities of minorities.

    • Lukas Lilley says:

      Everyone knows it’s underrated

  4. CHIVA99 says:

    I feel like Maggie was respawns way of “nerfing” Gibby without ruining him. Her tactical works through his shield and her shotgun carrying passives will make her just as good for working around his bubbles. Unfortunately it’ll hurt rampart massively and caustic somewhat

    • sanchez2823 says:


    • Reaper says:

      I dare to severely disagree. I am a rampart main and I can tell you from what I have seen that this will barely affect a good rampart player. Sadly he did not test things like if you could destroy the ball and if it does damage to ramparts but so far the numbers are not that high so it is not that hard to deal with. Her only frightening ability is huge amounts of speed. Oh and caustic will not care at all because he is a counter to her just like he is to octane mains. What will hurt caustic is that you can no longer use his gas bombs as infinite cover.

  5. Ash says:

    I know you didn’t really need to show it but the shatter caps now turns to the shotgun blast when not aiming down sites then automatically goes to long range when you are aiming down sites😁👍

  6. Tanner Hamilton says:

    It’s nice that they’ve given us an explicitly “anti-defense” legend.

  7. Reason97 says:

    Everyone’s sleeping on the shattercaps changes for the boceck. The bow was already good if you could hit shots, now it’s gonna be a shotgun permanently too? Way underrated

  8. TheGamingNerd4 says:

    The Alternator is the exact same as before it left the ground loot, and Kandy is just now realizing how good it actually was even without Disruptors.

    • Material Girl says:

      Honestly I always found Alternator to be my favorite SMG. Uses light so ammo isn’t the biggest concern, can be used at close-mid range, easy to control, great for holding attachments, etc.

    • SoulGhost says:

      @daniel frisbie true alternater was my best friend when I was new to apex legend 😀

    • daniel frisbie says:

      Its so slept on as a primary weapon, especially for those people who have a hard time with recoil control.

  9. Elliot says:

    Read something about shattercap only working when hip firing which sounds like a perfect change

  10. Josh says:

    Wow the lobby looks amazing. So excited for the release!

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