I played Tears of the Kingdom…it’s INCREDIBLE

I played Tears of the Kingdom…it’s INCREDIBLE

My first day of playing the legend of zelda: tears of the kingdom! My stream highlights of the gameplay, completing the great sky island, finding the paraglider, and getting Autobuild.

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45 Responses

  1. Jason Andrews says:

    Cant believe i spent over 100 hours to build link up just for him to blow it in 4 seconds. Come on man

  2. Cobra6704 says:

    Calling Rauru the ‘source of the right arm’ is so funny to me

  3. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    3:38 All right so we’re gonna need a Rito, a Korok, 2 temples, 2 songs, an ocean, and a Boat…

  4. Raphael Pulmano says:

    The thing about Link’s first dive is if you don’t accelerate you can time it so that the music cuts out as he hits the water.

  5. Blueybeak says:

    it was funny how much speedrunners struggled having to adjust to just walking and gliding instead of being able to instantly propel yourself across the map and run infinitely

  6. hillrp1 says:

    35:55 And this is why you should have cut down every tree during your 100% run. Prevent these things from evolving

  7. Jelly Lancelot says:

    Can’t wait for the first speed runs!

    • Julius Cäsar says:

      Im pretty Sure you need way more then 100 hours so why Not play it yourself and enjoy after it the speedrun which Sure will Look amazing by the time! 🙂

    • tim othy says:

      ​@Julius Cäsar you clearly don’t understand speedruns

    • Logan Takach says:


    • Mario But With Drip says:

      @Julius Cäsar speed runners will have this shit down 7 hours max. Ain’t no way the speedruns of this game take longer than GTA 5 speedruns

    • Priyanshu Maurya says:

      ​@Mario But With Drip i think maybe he was talking about 100% speedrun. There is alot to do now so its possible unless groundbreaking glitches are found.

  8. Snapion __ says:

    the 6 year wait is over. AND IT WAS WORTH IT LETS GOOOOOO

  9. Witty Euphemism says:

    The sheer amazement at grinding the rail was shared with probably everyone at that moment.

    • Brandon Vazquez says:

      RIGHT? i played for 3 hours last night and didnt figure that out

    • Tess, Formless Librarian says:

      I tried just walking down one of the rails. You can probably guess that I fell off doing so, darned joycon drift.

  10. Remitsu says:

    no way, 2 SmallAnt videos in not even a week? we’ve been blessed

    can’t wait for all the content around Tears of the kingdom!!

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