I played weird virtual pet games

I played weird virtual pet games

video game animals

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monky with sweater

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52 Responses

  1. CandyEvie says:

    seeing hamsterz restored some memories I forgot I even had aHHH

  2. tortie says:

    I spent probably hundreds of dollars on my club penguin membership but at least i had a rainbow puffle

  3. Weegeepie says:

    I did not expect monke, as soon as I saw monke, I went :()

  4. SonicHaXD says:

    Gotta add the “z” at the of everything to attract the cool kids XDz

  5. EpicWaddleDee says:

    Jaiden: hi
    Large: I don’t like u
    Ari: *demon bird noises*

  6. Donkey Plays says:

    “Grandpa wants to play a memory game” the hamster with a memory disorder

  7. ILycanroc Gaming says:

    I feel like the way the parrot was talking after she taught it everything, it sounds like someone else was controlling it, like in one of those terrible stories on the news about… certain things with adults and children or male grown adults and women/female teens.

  8. Moonstar79 says:

    “Ever since they figured out how to make games that weren’t Pong”

    Hey sis don’t disrespect our lord and savior Pong

  9. Jacob Cox says:

    The story about the boy coming out of an egg and defeating ogres on ogre island is loosely based off of Momotaro

  10. Charlotte Clearman says:

    “He cage too small for his gotdamn self”

  11. The Attaboy Show says:

    “By working together, they got rid of the Ogre”
    Guess *Ogre Island* is now just *Island*

  12. the3.14th says:

    I never knew I would hear someone say “Monkeys will get stuck in the walls.”

  13. WisteriaTrap says:

    When I was a kid I got a Petz game but for cats, then stopped playing after the siblings tried to mate. I really hope I wasn’t the only one traumatized by that

  14. Ruchi Luthra says:

    Trying a game: Deleting it or throwing it out because the art was ugly

  15. matheø. says:

    Monkeyz house: *We have 3 monkeys*

  16. Patterrz says:

    Bringing up Nintendogs reminded me of a young me getting SUPER angry at the game for not understanding my then VERY northern english accent.

  17. Blueakrasia says:

    Remembering how i named my first nintendog y2fde or something similar because my mic wouldn’t work and i ended up with that, and then i couldn’t adopt any other dogs because my mic wouldn’t work… y2fde my beloved <3

  18. The Kraken says:

    Imagine how many copies of theses games are being sold.

  19. Nope Nope says:

    When the “Monkeyz” don’t have tails and are actually apes but somehow the game devs don’t think to check

  20. Mistake We’re made says:

    Didn’t expect to see a Japanese legend in my funny bird game

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