I Practiced Free Throws For 30 Days To See If I Could Beat A Pro Basketball Player

I Practiced Free Throws For 30 Days To See If I Could Beat A Pro Basketball Player

We talkin’ ‘bout practice.

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Ten Eyck says:

    5:42 wha..what? Did I just hear “gooder”!?

  2. Aflay says:

    Wow. Those two seconds made a difference.

    And hell no he ain’t NBA material. Does he look like Yao Ming? Plus, it’s a
    prestigious right to be in professional leagues, and he hasn’t gotten any
    degrees, or endorsements, nothing. A lot of sports is paperwork, and then
    when you get to play and practice, that’s the fun part.

    I think what we need to learn to appreciate is that while dedicating your
    time to practicing a segment of sport does make you better at it, there is
    more to a sport than just that segment. Players have to be good at running,
    jumping, lowering and raising their arms, positioning their feet, handling
    the ball with their hands, it’s all kinds of things. Even if you do master
    the free throw, well, that’s only good if you’re the master of being
    fouled, which is terrible.

  3. Teresa Poon says:

    y you wear dat shirt to play ball doe?

  4. AwesomeGuy says:

    She’s got bigger arms than me…

  5. Cody “the” Vocalist says:

    that basketball is my implant give it back

  6. Brandon Bassani says:

    Girls don’t count.

  7. jeremy lacasse says:

    Is this vid working for everyone else

  8. Jovany says:

    Nneka is awesome! #GoSparks. Great job, Steven!

  9. Gymnasticsgurly678 says:

    My coaches nick name he gave me is AI / Allen Iverson ” you talkin bout
    practice??”?? luv my soccer coach!!

  10. tanke94 says:

    now thi is entertaining love this type of vid he took 30 days of practice.
    and gave it a shot

  11. LITING says:

    Oh my god the first ten days, his grades is literally my math grades

  12. Neo Theone says:

    This video answers my question,

  13. EandEmonsters says:

    Biofeedback is amazing… I used it for the last couple of years of me
    going to therapy. It helped my anxiety and my OCD so much, and it teaches
    you how to control those panic attacks that slip through.

  14. Taylor “BleuTitanium” D says:

    Nick Kroll?

  15. D3liicatee says:

    My coach always said “practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes

  16. Stayce Miranda says:

    5:40 “much gooder” GOODER?!?!?!?

  17. Michael O'Neill says:

    The reason people miss are because they are too big. Believe it or not tall
    people in the NBA have much lower averages then smaller people. Tall people
    spend hours upon hours shooting free throws but physically can’t do it
    because of the angle where as smaller people have an easier angle to the
    basket. Forget the persons name but there was a big man awhile back who had
    an awful free throw percentage then he started going underhand. Due to the
    fact that the ball was being released lower than where It usually would be,
    he improved his average significantly to the mid 80’s.

  18. Mary1416 says:

    “Much gooder appreciation” really?!

  19. Bryan Harris says:

    If he played Delle Donne in this she would have gotten 20 points.

  20. Kyle De Leon says:

    I go to that gym to practice