I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore

I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore

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I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore


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29 Responses

  1. Kolanii says:

    Grab some Kolanii Merch!: kolanii.store/shop

    smesh like 🙂

  2. Skyes says:

    Im honestly speechless with your videos, you come up with the most unique and incredible videos ever! Absolutely love this one, again!

  3. Pollard says:

    The amount of effort he puts into his videos is both worrying and impressive.

  4. Koen Mehta says:

    the amount of times he can just say he’s done and people will be happy, but just adds more details is so crazy

  5. 來恩Ryan says:

    I cant stop laughing about how Kolanii went “oh youre asleep, good idea” and just right clicks the bed

    Kolanii RIGHT CLICKED the bed, TWICE

  6. Will Schwartz says:

    The commitment to the bit is, as always, fucking insane. Best hardcore Minecraft series out there.

  7. ReniDrag says:

    Honestly Kolanii you’re the goat. Making the dumbest insanest ideas come to life in the funniest way possible, I love these vids KEEP EM COMING!!!

  8. sharky says:

    I adore him for a few main reasons. The fact he sounds so calm, collected but also chaotic and like he’s about to end the Minecraft multi universe. 2. His ideas, his ideas are amazing. 3. He’s Kolanii, what isn’t there to adore?

  9. DATWOLFYtho says:

    He is somehow monotone and happy sounding at the same time

  10. Lilla says:

    Kolanii you’re like a mad genius. I mean who thinks of this stuff and then executes it so perfectly??

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