I Remember

I Remember


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  1. Hyper Droid says:

    this is so good and gets me excited for more, I genuinely love this series so much, every and each video is amazing, I’m always there within the first hour of every upload. I can’t wait to see where this whole thing goes and what truly happens to the Backrooms itself by the end…

  2. Aashes says:

    I think I have the metaphor of this. The sky is the real world, and the backrooms is the sea. Things that are forgotten fall to the sea, “cast down to the seabed with all the other forgotten things”. When Async started investigating the backrooms, they built a manor. They changed the horizon, causing random things to clip into the backrooms. Then, Async shut down their backrooms operations, forgetting about the manor. Most of it crumbled down to the seabed, but the ruins permanently changed the horizon.

    This would make sense, as the backrooms is a collection of liminal spaces, spaces we recognise, but have forgotten, places we think we have never seen but we have, we have just forgotten. The name the backrooms even applies to this, the backrooms of any place, a restaurant, a cinema, even a hotel. Places we only travel through momentarily, and forget.

    What if when people get forgotten, so do their possessions? What if the reason for the distortion of the voice is because the voice is one of the bacteria monsters? What if the bacteria monsters are people who have been forgotten, lost to eternally wander the backrooms, decaying but not dying? Maybe this is why they kill people who have noclipped into the backrooms, to stop them living an eternity of torment, as they have to.
    I think that whatever is speaking in this video is the Async researcher that tripped off the alarm. I think that maybe time works differently in the backrooms, and he set off that Async alarm some amount of time after Async closed. Then the video ended. He was forgotten. His manor crumbled and he was left to decay eternally in the backrooms.

  3. Blunt Brothers Productions says:

    Wow….. this…. Has to be one of my favorites. It may not be eventful, but I love how chilling this was!

  4. Luciana Romulus says:

    Kane I’m obsessed !! I hope you know you’re truly cherished by us that love a great story…especially in Cosmic horror. You’re way better as a child than the adults of Hollywood 👍

  5. Shane Blackheart says:

    This is brilliant! You just keep giving us quality and art. I’m so impressed and I’ve eagerly awaited every part in this series.

  6. Kattowo_ says:

    Immediate interpretation: the “sea/ocean” is meant to represent the Backrooms;
    Talking about a house and other things “cast down to the seabed with all the other forgotten things.” As in objects or places that were forgotten becoming a part of the Backrooms. And the person talking, the person who “remembers” could represent Async, who rediscovered that which was once forgotten. An example being the Picture seen in “Found Footage #2” and the home video.

    This could explain why the Backrooms is the way it is in the first place: it’s the physical manifestation of being forgotten.

    “Folding downwards, into themselves” “Forever tearing along the seams of the sky”
    Describing how the Backrooms molds these memories into something; only to tear itself and all reality apart– creating a labyrinth of twisted halls that look like they were made by humans… but could never have been due to how unreal they are.

  7. Austin L says:

    It all makes sense now. At first, I believed the entity controlled the backrooms, ever trapping people in his labyrinth of yellow wallpaper. but it turns out, its a cluster of memories. Memories of childhood, memories of adulthood, memories of good, memories of bad, memories, memories, memories, all warped into an endless maze of all everything forgotten at the back of our minds, whether it be going swimming, camping, or just being in our house. Everything forgotten, by us.

  8. Sam Roulettette says:

    Kane Parsons blows me away with every video he releases, the editing, the music, the dialogue is truly amazing. 👏

  9. FNaFMemes says:

    That last line gave me chills!! I absolutely love this, Kane. I know many others do as well. There is so much to process here that I can’t put into words. I don’t have theory as of yet, but I’ll think of something! ⭐️

  10. Love at First Hike says:

    We’re spoiled, 2 new videos so close together! I absolutely love the vibe from this. It feels like a legit theatrical teaser for the series and what’s to come. “You have always been here” 🙀

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