Episode 127 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage is all about crossing another one off of my bucket list and don’t worry, the Cadillac is not taking a back seat to this one. In fact, a week from now I should have the engine for the Caddy, which means more work, more progress, and more videos. In the meantime, I managed to drag this 1963 Chevrolet Split Window Corvette out of my neighbor’s basement, where it’s been sitting for years.
After the Caddy is running, then it’s full steam ahead on turning the Vette into a 6 second street car, using the 711ci Sonny Leonard Hemi as the powerplant. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I had buying and pulling this car home.

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31 Responses

  1. 13699111 says:

    This is another home run Finnegan !!! Bringing that beautiful car out of the darkness into the sunlight doesn’t get any better .

  2. Adam Forbes says:

    Ya know what would be more valuable to me (age 43) and everyone younger. Have that guy walk us through his life for how he got to multiple 63 Vettes, a 6 car garage, side by sides and a motor home.
    The honest blueprint for that from him right to the camera would resonate with people and may send them on a new path. Idk, just an idea.

    • Karen Thomson says:

      @James W. no thanks 🙏 captain obvious.

    • Karen Thomson says:

      @Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon don’t worry prices are going to be moving down… the bubble is deflating.

    • Jeremy Smith says:

      @The GLITCH hard work means taking every chance you can and every opportunity to improve your life. If you have achieved your dreams, you have only yourself to blame, it takes sacrifice of everything that doesn’t improve your life. It isn’t easy but it happens… took me to the age of 44 to achieve my ultimate goal and since then (3 years ago) it keeps getting better.

    • Heywood says:

      @The GLITCH hard work, a little risk taking, ingenuity and discipline with money and time.
      Me? I’m screwed, I’m lazy, risk averse slow and spend money like a politician.

    • The GLITCH says:

      @Jeremy Smith if it was only hard work I would have ever toy I ever wanted and a big home. There has to be more to it than that right? I agree hard work is part of the equation!!

  3. Today Let's Build says:

    I need to walk around my neighborhood and chat with my neighbors. They are just not bringing enough to the table. They really need to up their game. Great find Mike.

    • Matt Davis says:

      ​@p charsometimes you just get lucky. My neighbor recently passed and in the garage was his dad’s 68 buick Electra that I’ll be getting for the insanely good deal of $750. My neighbors sister is executing his estate, and they just want it gone to someone that will enjoy it. While it’s not the most desirable old Detroit Iron, it’ll be my first (at 33), and I’m pumped for it to cruise Woodward in August and maybe even do a drag week or something like it in the future. We’ll see, but step 1 is getting it back on the road after almost 10 years of sitting in the neighbors garage.

    • Ed Dean says:

      Good find. You never know what you’re going to run into

    • Indiana Slim says:

      @p char Ain’t that the truth, hate seeing cars rot away, in this case it was in a neighborhood with small lots and I knew the story was true as a buddy grew up across the street and went to Vietnam the same time as the guys son, he verified the story. At least it spent it’s life in a garage so the Texas sun didn’t destroy the paint and interior.

    • p char says:

      The small list of answers I get for asking about old bodies in fields… even among the cattle are.
      1. Can’t sell Grampa’s car
      2. My cousin wants to restore it
      3. It’s been there a long time and I’d miss seeing it
      4. That’s not on my property
      5. Stop looking at my field with the spotting scope
      6. My relative (son, dad, grandfather–any male relative) was killed in –insert any war here..owned it and I won’t sell it

    • Indiana Slim says:

      You joke but if you did you might find something good, 20 years ago I lived in Mesquite Tx. and in a regular ranch style home with attached garages there was one that had a 68 Mustang with stuff piled on top of it, one day the guy was mowing the lawn so I stopped to ask about it, first thing out of his mouth was Not for sale, I ask if I can look at it, Nope, why not?, Tells me that was his son’s car bought new 6 months before being drafted and sent to Vietnam where he was killed, car had like 1200 miles on it. There are cars out there in the wilderness of neighborhoods.

  4. ebbarc says:

    This is a killer starting point. Can’t wait to see what direction you go with it.

  5. EEDESIGN says:

    Hey Mike, happy to hear about Mk4 Supra and also Split window, both are epic cars. I would heavily suggest looking at underbody aerodynamics of fellow finn Kimmo Nevalainen’s Six-5 split window C2. He came to USA for Texas Mile and is fastest C2 top speed world record holder with ”identical” car. If you want to be fast, safe and stay attached to ground at high speeds, the bottom end aerodynamics are very important. What is best that it looks absolutely stock in body, but the magic happens underneath.

    • Markus Nilsson says:

      @sidefx996 Buuuut, it’s not an original 63. It has a 65 nose grafted yo it after a crash. Vintage work I guess, but not original.

    • Cody Stepanian says:

      Yes so happi

    • Ryder Kahler says:

      @James Tyndall I mean I get what you’re saying… Just no one here agrees because we watched the video

    • aofjays jayofas says:

      @sidefx996 This car was crashed and already cut up. Watch the video first before crying about someone else’s preferences, bud.

    • sidefx996 says:

      @TheBCninja and it’s his car he can drive it off the cliff if he wants, but I agree, it’s asinine to chop up an original ‘63

  6. Blake Jensen says:

    Holy cow a split window! So freaking amazing! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see your build.


    Wow Mike, this is a home run for you. Can’t say that I’m not jealous. Can’t wait to watch the whole build up of this thing. You never cease to amaze me with your choices of cars. That’s why I’ve been a fan for a long time. keep up the great work.

  8. Charlie Williams says:

    I’ve seen every episode of Roadkill many times. I’ve followed your career for a long time. Magazine reader since 1995. This is a very cool episode, and also a dream car of mine, too. Awesome.

  9. Walter Orr Jr. says:

    Great project Mike! One of your best best. Thanks for letting us viewers enjoy it too.

  10. Maurice Siermachesky says:

    Mike, it’s not only rare to find a ’63 Corvette Split Window body with title, but it was just down the road from you and even more importantly, an owner who was willing to sell it. The stars all aligned in your favor. I will be definitely be following this build!

    • buggs punny says:

      Yup, awesome being amongst the stars eh!
      The 65 front nose looks great with lights behind a barred grille. Save it, it’ll be worth something to someone else.

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